One thing that’s glaringly apparent in Kevin Beamon’s neighborhood is the support for President Donald Trump.

Image source: KPHO-TV video screenshot

As KPHO-TV noticed upon visiting the Scottsdale, Arizona, enclave, pro-Trump flags, signs, bumper stickers, and banners are in numerous yards.

But on Monday night, several of those pro-Trump displays of support were slashed or stolen, the station said.

Not that there are only Trump supporters in this neck of the woods — a few folks have signs up for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, KPHO noted. However, the pro-Biden signs have been left alone, the station said.

Apparently it’s an anti-Trump operation.

“They basically just defaced and destroyed a lot of political signs, which is obviously illegal,” Beamon told KPHO.

What are the details?

Around midnight, Peter Cohen’s security camera caught two people — who looked an awful lot like Antifa types with helmets and black clothing — who tried jumping and climbing up his flagpole, the station said. Soon enough they were able to scale the pole and tear down his Trump 2020 flag, KPHO said, after which they ran off with it.

Image source: KPHO-TV video screenshot

The same thing happened 30 minutes earlier in a different part of the neighborhood, the station aid.

It also appears vandals sliced in half Cohen’s Trump signs in his yard because they couldn’t pull the iron stakes from the ground, KPHO reported.

Image source: KPHO-TV video screenshot

Down the street, Randy Marema’s Trump flag was left torn in half and hanging in tatters from the top of his front porch, the station said.

Image source: KPHO-TV video screenshot

“When they come right up to the doorway and go into a hallway and rip a flag down, that made me feel really violated,” Marema added to KPHO.

‘It’s unacceptable’

Marianne Amato has Biden signs — and sympathy for her neighbors.

“It’s unacceptable,” she told the station in regard to the vandalism. “I would feel the same way if somebody took my sign. Everybody has the right to an opinion.”

‘We can disagree agreeably — apparently, they can’t’

As for Cohen, he raised a spare Trump flag on the flagpole before most people even noticed, KPHO said.

“I’m well stocked, of course, just for this kind of case,” Cohen told the station.

Beamon isn’t impressed with the vandals’ lack of civility, noting to KPHO: “We can disagree agreeably — apparently, they can’t.”

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