Governors from Democrat-led states are leading the country in unemployment and likely are happy about it.

A few weeks ago on September 23, we reported that the states with unemployment over 10% were all Democrat states.  Both cities and states run by Democrats have the worst unemployment in the country due to their harsh and unworkable COVID lockdowns.

Tom Blumer released a report at the Federalist yesterday confirming our reporting and adding more:

While August’s jobless rate was 8.4 percent, the following ten states, according to the BLS’s Sept. 18 detailed report, turned in results above 10 percent. Most of the laggards were well above that double-digit threshold:

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California: 11.4 percent
Hawaii: 12.5 percent
Illinois: 11.0 percent
Massachusetts: 11.3 percent
New Jersey: 10.9 percent
New Mexico: 11.3 percent
Nevada: 13.2 percent
New York: 12.5 percent
Pennsylvania: 10.3 percent
Rhode Island: 12.8 percent

These states have one thing in common: Their governors have imposed severe pandemic-related restrictions on economic activity, and they have been either been extraordinarily reluctant to or have directly refused to lift them, despite COVID-19’s diminishing mortality threat.

These ten states have just under one-third of the country’s population. Their combined population-weighted unemployment rate in August was 11.4 percent. This means the unemployment rate for the rest of the nation was below 7 percent.

Given the national unemployment rate’s half-point drop in September and the continued refusal of the governors of these ten states to make significant moves to genuinely reopen their economies, it’s reasonable to predict that the contrast between them and most of the rest of the country will be even starker on Oct. 20 when the BLS releases its next state-level report.

As Blumer reports, the nation as a whole is doing much better than experts ever expected.  But these pockets of inactivity in blue states are a real drag on the economy.  On October 20, the next report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is due out and it will show a greater difference between these Democrat states economic recoveries and the rest of the country.

Always remember Democrats don’t care for people, they only care for power.  They use people for power and will shut down their businesses and destroy their livelihoods for power if they have to.

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