The Los Angeles Dodgers answered a 2-0 series deficit in the NLCS with an 11-run first inning. L.A eventually went on to beat the Braves 15-3.

Dodgers fans are having a great time, but that’s probably about it. Most baseball fans without a horse in this race turned it off after the parade of Dodger runs. If it feels familiar, maybe the Braves/Cardinals winner-take-all game last year where Atlanta immediately went down 10 runs refreshes your memory.

Homers left and right and now momentum, for maybe the first time ever, feels like it’s with the team preparing to be down 2-1 in a series.

When you give up a grand-slam down 7-0 in the first inning, you’re going to have a bad time. Possibly the worst part of this demolition is that Clayton Kershaw’s back spasms seem to be clearing up in time for Game 5.

Most fans don’t think Kershaw can get it done, so what’s the problem?

Kershaw isn’t being asked to dominate the Atlanta Braves. Most picked ATL because of their own lack of pitching depth. Game 4 is expected to be pitched by Bryse Wilson and majority of baseball fans have never heard of him. He threw six games in 2020 with an ERA over four. To make matters worse his career stats show an ERA nearing six that leaves little hope for Atlanta.

Clayton Kershaw doesn’t need to be great this time. The 3-time Cy Young award winner can be average and tie this series. From down 2-0 to tied 2-2, stealing all momentum heading into a crucial Game 5.

Would be nice if Major League Baseball could spare us from watching a baseball team finish a team up two touchdowns. Figure it out, commish.

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