The mainstream media has been involved in its “usual coverup” of the “criminality” of Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden and his family when there is “so much evidence that the Biden family has been taking money illegally for many, many years,” President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani told Newsmax TV Thursday. 

“Now we have [Hunter] Biden’s own text messages to his father, to others, which make it clear they were stealing money, taking money from countries like Iraq, Ukraine, China, Romania, don’t forget Moscow, the $3.5 million from Moscow that Biden lied about at the debate,” Giuliani told Newsmax TV’s “National Report.” 

He also claimed that one of the messages shows Joe Biden was getting money that was being paid to his son Hunter Biden from overseas interests. 

Giuliani’s comments come after the New York Post‘s reports about receiving a hard drive from a laptop purportedly owned by Hunter Biden. The computer, bearing a Beau Biden Foundation sticker, was left at a Delaware repair shop but was never picked up. The shop’s owner provided copies of the hard drive to the FBI and to Giuliani’s attorney after reportedly discovering incriminating emails on the laptop, and Giuliani provided a copy to the Post.

“Today the NY Post puts the lie to [Joe Biden’s] claim he didn’t know about Burisma and the shenanigans … the fact he was involved in a bribe there,” said Giuliani. “He said he never met or knew anything about Burisma. Text messages make it clear in 2015 he had a meeting with the number two guy of Burisma in Washington, D.C. Those texts were supplied by the Post.”

Giuliani insisted he got the hard drive “completely legally,” but the Bidens aren’t saying its comments aren’t true because “it isn’t untrue.”

He also revealed an email that he said was sent by Hunter Biden to his daughter that shows Joe Biden was getting money from Ukraine.

In the email, sent on Jan. 6, 2019, Hunter Biden said that he doesn’t get “any respect” from his family and that he hopes that she can “do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years. Don’t worry, unlike Pop, I won’t make you give me half your salary.” 

“That’s on the hard drive,” said Giuliani. “It’s clearly his hard drive. It has a thousand pictures of him.”

The FBI, Giuliani added, has had the hard drive’s contents for eight months. He said he thinks the pictures and videos constitute a “national security threat to the United States” because they are all in the hands of China so they can extort Joe Biden with them. 

“Another question: Who would pay $30 million to a guy who is consistently on drugs unless he’s doing it to bribe his father, who was the vice president?” asked Giuliani. “Then how come Joe lost every negotiation with China? … He’s been using his family to make millions for years. He’s been doing it by selling us out. And it’s disgraceful that the media covers it up.”

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