NBC’s Billboard Music Awards “averaged 3.6 million total viewers … or less than half of what last year’s show did,” reports TVLine [emphasis original].

So here many of us still are, locked in our homes, or at least more afraid to go out than ever before, and just like the disastrous NBA Finals, all of these celebrity-filled awards shows, which were once no-brainer ratings winners, are still getting killed in the ratings.

A captive audience won’t even watch this garbage.

And we all know why. People today hate celebrities more than ever before. Even leftists hate celebrities. When only 3.6 million people tune in for a big award show broadcast on a major television network, what more do you need to be told? What more evidence do you need?

We’re sick of these people. Sick of their politics. Sick of being lectured. Sick of being talked down to. These award shows used to be fun. Now it’s like a trip through socialist summer camp.

Who, with two hours on their hands, would sit through another godawful award  show, sit through two hours of obtuse and obnoxious political lectures, when there are so many other options out there?

There’s a reason why pre-woke shows like Friends and The Office are still hugely popular on streaming services, why a 30-year-old sitcom like Seinfeld is still a cash cow… Most of the country would rather watch something they have already seen that is not woke than watch something brand new that is woke.

Seinfeld premiered in 1990. That was 30 years ago. Do you think in 1990 there was a 30-year-old sitcom from 1960 or even a 20-year-old sitcom from 1970, that was anywhere near as popular as Seinfeld still is today? No. And that’s not because there weren’t brilliant sitcoms in the 1960s and 1970s (quite the opposite). The difference is that in 1990 people didn’t need to reach into the past to be entertained, to enjoy some edgy, no-holds-barred, lecture-free comedy to enjoy some escape…

Today, you have no choice.

If you want to enjoy entertainment that is not preachy and woke, that is not suffocating and stifled by political correctness, that is not attacking you as a racist, you have no other choice but to look back more than a decade. There might be some exceptions out there today that prove the rule, but look at all the awful shit you have to wade through to find those exceptions. Not worth the time.

So people are going back to what they know, what they can rely on for a laugh and a little escape. And shows like Friends and The Office and Seinfeld are even more enjoyable today than they were back in the day because they now come with the taste of the forbidden, because those old shows say and express things you are not allowed to say and express today.

A warning…

Unfortunately, sooner than you think, in order to force us to watch crap like the Billboard Music Awards, all the old stuff we enjoy now — Seinfeld, Friends, The Office — will be disappeared, will vanish.

So hold on to your discs. Hold on to your hard copies.

And if you’re laughing at me, if you think I’m being hysterical, remember I’m the guy who told you seven years ago CNNLOL was going insane, who warned you for more than a decade the media are evil and corrupt, who told you Gone with the Wind would be targeted with censorship.

The left do not screw around.

Keep your hard copies.

Trust me.

Pretty soon all the good stuff will vanish.


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