Big tech “oligarchs” have waged war on Republicans and conservatives, but “winter is coming,” if they expect Republicans to defend them against deregulation attempts, Sen. Tom Cotton warned Thursday. 

“Section 230 has been broadly interpreted to giving big tech complete immunity,” the Arkansas Republican told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo. “I support legislation to modify that, to make them act in good faith and change their terms of contract.”

However, at this point, considering “just how deeply in the pocket of the Democratic party they are, now that big tech oligarchs have completely thrown in with Joe Biden, I think it’s time we consider the outright repeal of Section 230.”

Meanwhile, with the call from people on the left to break up big tech companies, Cotton warned that it’s not likely Republicans will help them. 

“Do these companies think that Republicans are going to come to their defense when they are censoring our voters across the heartland? Cotton said. “Hardly so. My message once again to big tech oligarchs is: Winter is coming.”

Both Facebook and Twitter have been blocking shares of a New York Post article claiming that incriminating emails were found about Democrat nominee Joe Biden on a computer said to be owned by his son, Hunter. If the emails are authentic, said Cotton, they show Hunter Biden was trying to cash in on his father’s position as vice president, and several other family members, including the nominee himself, were involved. 

“The question becomes, how many people in the Biden family are cashing in on public office?” said Cotton. “The American people should believe, that where there is smoke there is probably some fire.”

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