RUSH: I keep hearing people complain to me — and, by the way, this is not a new complaint. I’ve had people complain to me about George W. Bush along the same lines. What the complaint is… It’s from suburban women or it’s about suburban women and the argument takes many forms, but there’s always a consistency to it.

The argument used to be, “Well, you’ve gonna get rid of abortion!” (sigh) I can’t… (stuttering) Sorry for the stuttering. I just can’t tell you the number of times either after we have won an election or lost one, people who think that I have — and I’m go back. This is covering 20 years now, people who think I have some say-so over what Republican Party policy is.

They will come to me and say, “When are you gonna get ’em to stop abortion? When are you gonna get the Christians to shut up? When are you gonna get the Christians kicked out of the party? They’re killing us! Abortion is killing us. We’re never gonna win the women! You got to get ’em to shut up about it.” That’s basically been what I’ve had to put up with after every Republican election.

Particularly among elite, wealthy Republican women and their husbands, ’cause their husbands don’t like being nagged about it. So their husbands come up to me, “What are we gonna do about it? You gotta do something about this. You gotta get ’em to stop talking about abortion. You gotta get ’em to stop worrying about all the prayer-in-school stuff. You gotta…”

I’ve told them every time, “You can’t win another election if you do that. They are a minimum 24 million votes. You don’t have a chance of winning jack if you get rid of them.” But now the way it manifests itself is people come up to me complaining to me about Trump turning off suburban women. Has that happened to you Mr. Snerdley? (interruption)

It happens to me usually driven by a news story, and the news story will be the Drive-Bys reporting on whatever the event is, and then they will conclude that suburban women are the ones most disturbed by the president’s debate performance, or the suburban women are the ones most disturbed by the president’s tweets, or suburban women are the ones most bothered by the president’s orange hair or whatever it is.

Suburban women. Suburban, educated white women. And I have a different take, see? See, I’m not a naturally defensive person. If anybody comes to me and they’re echoing a Drive-By Media report, then to me the answer is not what’s wrong with Trump. What’s wrong with these suburban women? Why do you want to follow the mantra of the media, for crying out loud?

This is something else that bugs me to no end. People in our own party who go by the media and if the media destroys one of us, they sit by and let it happen. They claim there’s nothing we can do. “Rush, we have to nominate people the media are not gonna kill. That’s the only way to go forward. We have to nominate people…” Meaning candidates, judges.

“We have to have candidates that the mainstream media is not gonna destroy like Sarah Palin,” and I have a different take. Why should we be listening as though suburban women are gospel on this? “Well, Rush, you better pay attention, ’cause they end up voting and they talk to a lot of people.” I know. But why are they hands off? Why can’t we go try and talk to them and tell ’em maybe they’re looking at this the wrong way?

Maybe they’re listening to the media on these things and maybe they’re believing a bunch of things about Trump that aren’t true. “Well, that’s too hard. I — I couldn’t do that.” Oh, so you just want to cave? So suburban women… This is what I’m told. Suburban women’s sensitivity is offended by Trump’s coarseness or his frankness or his tweeting or other aspects of his personality.

But at the same time, you know what bothers me? They’ve got no problem with Joe Biden’s rudeness. They’ve got no problem with Joe Biden hiding in the basement. They’ve got no problem with Joe Biden not telling a single person who or what he’s for. No. All we hear about is what suburban women think of Trump. Now, it tells me they may not even be Republican women.

I think when the Drive-By Media are involved, my instinctive reaction is to not believe what I’m hearing from the sample of people they’re talking to. Why is it that suburban women don’t have any trouble with Marxism? Why is it suburban women don’t have any trouble with the Democrats destroying their own cities and states?

Why is it suburban women are totally cool with Black Lives Matter rolling into town and firebombing this business or that, looting this business or that, running people off the road, creating general mayhem? Why do suburban women not care about any of that? Why do suburban women…? Why are they not offended by the outright misbehavior of the Democrat Party and their noted allies?

We’re just supposed to sit here and assume that suburban women are perfectly fine with Marxism? They’re perfectly fine with Black Lives Matter as a communist organization, and they don’t care about that? There’s nothing to be concerned about there? But, man, when it comes to Trump’s tweets, when it comes to Trump’s debate whatever? “Oh, we can’t have that! No, we can’t.”

But we can certainly stand idly by and watch Portland be burned to the ground. We can watch the same thing happen to Seattle. We can watch it happen in Minneapolis. We can watch shotgun death after this gun death over and over and over again in Chicago of young black youth, and apparently suburban women don’t care about any of that. They don’t care who’s responsible for it. No.

All they care about is the reprobate nature of Donald Trump’s behavior and his character. I say, wait a minute. Time to call a halt to the proceedings here. It doesn’t make any sense. Suburban women are like any other group. They’re not infallible. “Well, they are, Rush, cause you need ’em. That’s why this matters, Rush. You Republicans need those suburban women and you’re losing ’em.”

We’re losing ’em because of you. We’re losing ’em because of lies that you’re telling and the cover-ups you’re engaging in. You are not telling the people of this country what is being done to this country by agents of the Democrat Party. You are not framing this election the proper way. You’re not telling people that this election is about whether the United States as founded survives or not.

You don’t dare tell ’em that because you don’t support the United States as founded. You support the overthrow, you support the revolution that is the Democrat Party. Black Lives Matter is the revolution wing of the Democrat Party, and you support it. So you don’t even frame the election the right way, media. No, you come along and you tell us suburban women have a big problem with Trump, the guy trying to save this country so that these women we’re talking about will have liberty and freedom and a future that they have mistakenly assumed is just going to be there no matter who wins elections.

We got people thinking this election is about Donald Trump tweeting, about Donald Trump’s hair, Donald Trump’s coarseness or whatever. They have been totally disserviced and misled about what this election’s really about.


RUSH: Here’s Maria in Winfield, West Virginia. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s an honor to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I am a white, educated, suburban woman. And I support the president 100 percent. And while I do know other women like me, I think that the issue is that many of these other women who say they don’t like his tweets or his rhetoric and how he says things, that they’re looking for someone that’s just going to make them feel better.

They’re much more self-centered and looking their life alone, and they don’t like the way Trump says things. Instead, they need to be looking at what Trump is actually doing. The old saying of actions speak louder than words. Trump is absolutely a person where you can look and see what he has done more than what he says.

RUSH: That’s so right on the money. What he’s done is not hidden. I don’t need it translated for you.

CALLER: No, not at all. Not at all. You know, I was not a supporter of Trump to start with. I thought he was kind of pompous, and I didn’t particularly care for him. But as the debates were going on in the primary, my husband and I kept saying, “Oh, my gosh. We agree with Trump more than anyone.”

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: And now that he’s been in the office for so long, you know, for these past three and a half years, the things that he has done have just been incredible. I mean, we are in a much better position now as a family than we were before he was elected. Our taxes have gone down, and we are considered upper middle class. So, you know, Joe Biden saying that, you know, our taxes won’t go up under him, yes, they will, because we got a tax cut.

RUSH: They’re gonna go up a tremendous, tremendous amount. You need to tell these other women that you run into, if you do, that there are a lot of people that are voting for Trump that in normal times wouldn’t, but these are not normal times, Maria, which you know, they’re not normal times. Trump may be the only guy who can save this country from the onslaught from within that we face.

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