There has been so much turmoil within the United States this year that is understandable that Americans, who tend to be provincial and geographically illiterate in the first place, are totally focused on what goes on within our own borders, oblivious to the dangers lurking in the shadows beyond. Any attention given to foreign countries is generally based upon the relationship of American politicians to them and upon their impact upon our domestic political milieu. We are rightly concerned with what Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden have done in conniving with foreign governments in China and in Ukraine. But we are failing to take into account serious military and economic threats posed by our enemies abroad.


Admittedly, Donald Trump did not bring a lot of international foreign policy knowledge to the table when he took office, but he has learned a lot and is doing an excellent job of protecting American interests around the world. Now that he has both a stable National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, things are progressing well. The threat is global, but from my own background and expertise in the Pacific, we will begin by looking at this volatile region.

There is a reason that in presidential succession, after the Vice President, Speaker of the House, President Pro Tempore of the Senate, the first cabinet officer is the U.S. Secretary of State. It is a very vital cabinet position. The incumbent diplomat carries out the president’s foreign policies.

Foreign policy is a multi-faceted endeavor and does involve an element of politics. But along with the U.S. Secretary of Defense, The Joint Chiefs of Staff and all the armed services, our Secretary of State is always in the vanguard in representing America to both our allies and enemies.


The element of our national foreign policy that we need to look at very closely today is that of our national security. As a retired U.S. Customs officer, I will mention that border security is also an important aspect of American national security. Without secure borders, our very sovereignty as a nation is compromised and severely threatened. Sometimes, especially in today’s environment, there is a fine, almost indistinguishable, line between smuggling and invading. The former comes under the domain of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security which includes U.S. Customs and Border Protection, both U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officers within official Ports of Entry and Border Patrol Officers in the nether regions beyond. The latter may demand a military response and retaliation.

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Iran has numerous operatives and moles in our country, many of whom crossed illegally across the Rio Grande River from Mexico into Texas. They are not here for economic benefits or to make a better life, but rather to blend in and hide in place until activated by their masters in Tehran. Killings and attempted killings have already taken place. But, thus far we have seen this as a law enforcement issue rather than a hostile invasion.

My point here is that the current Trump Administration does have a proper handle on and adequate understanding of this threat. It is not at all apparent that a potential Biden/Harris Administration would comprehend what we’re dealing with or would respond to it properly. While the border has fallen off the Democrat agenda with all the other things going on in 2020, they are notoriously soft on the need to enforce our border security and national sovereignty. Their empathy is more with illegal aliens than with the protection of American citizens.


The worry is not whether Donald Trump can put down his tweeting cell phone on the nightstand in the master bedroom of the White House residence and answer the phone. That is just a red herring. The big serious consideration is whether Joe Biden would be alert or knowledgeable enough at any time of the day or night to respond to an actual or pending attack on our country. Of course, there is a very real possibility that it would not be Joe Biden but Kamala Harris. Either way, he or she would be totally unprepared to keep us all safe.

Just look at where their priorities are in this current political campaign. Do they talk about this kind of stuff? Or do they just pander on the issues of demographics and sexual preference? Do you ever hear anything substantive about national security issues coming out of the mouth of either candidate on the Democrat ticket? Of course not. But, we cannot deny that Joe Biden is a seriously compromised person. He and his drug-abusing, utterly corrupt and contemptible son, Hunter Biden, have virtually sold out American interests to China and for financial gain in business dealings in Ukraine. While they have made personal fortunes, they have done nothing whatsoever to indicate that Joe Biden would be a reliable Commander-in-Chief.

To give three examples of Joe Biden’s compromised time as second banana to Barack Obama for 8 years, first, let’s consider how they sent billions of dollars in cash to Iran to enable that Islamic terrorist regime to build a nuclear weapon. Second, Biden is on record that he opposed the assassination of Osama bin Laden. Finally, there is the totally despicable and unforgivable abandonment of four Americans who died valiantly in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. Culpability is shared among Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. There is everything to indicate that Biden does not know how to defend American interests or that he is unwilling to do so. There is nothing that commends him to become President of the United States of America.


The Chinese Communist Party in Beijing has a goal that is nothing less than total world domination. A list of their activities is incredibly voluminous and more ambitious than you can possibly imagine. The point here is that Joe Biden would be totally unequipped to deal with that threat. We’ve already mentioned his son Hunter’s business dealings with China. But, beyond that, Joe Biden has no comprehension of what is happening in the Indo-Pacific region.

There are a number of examples of how President Trump has marshaled his administration to respond forcefully to counteract activities of the Chinese Communist Party and their People’s Liberation Army Navy. The threat from China is not purely military.

They have their Belt and Road Initiative to undermine countries around the world by ensnaring them in debt trap diplomacy, from Vanuatu in the South Pacific to Djibouti on the Horn of Africa. President Trump has initiated diplomatic contacts to work with small Pacific Island Countries to provide them American economic assistance and to help them realign with Taiwan and separate from Beijing. There is no reason to believe that Joe Biden would comprehend what is happening in this arena, let alone do anything to stop Chinese aggression and hegemony in America’s backyard.

It’s not only Hawaii that is at the forefront here at America’s Mid-Pacific Frontier. China has threatened the U.S. territory of Guam and Andersen Air Force Base in the Western Pacific. China is also undermining former American territories in the Pacific and independent nations as well.

What President Trump is doing is on several levels. There are both diplomatic and military initiatives throughout the Pacific that have begun or intensified under his oversight. Both Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Secretary of Defense Mark Esper have made visits to very small Pacific Island territories under a Compact of Free Association with the United States. The security of Palau, Federated States of Micronesia and Republic of the Marshall Islands is vital to our own American national security.

President Trump has greatly enhanced cooperation with Japan, Australia and India as major components of stopping Chinese aggression in the South China Sea, Western Pacific and far beyond. Chinese maritime militia, sometimes disguised as fishing fleets, ply the entire region from the Spratlys and Paracels in Southeast Asia to exploiting the natural resources of the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador in the Eastern Pacific.

Assistant U.S. Secretary of the Interior for Insular Affairs Doug Domenech travels frequently to the U.S. territories and former territories to coordinate American interests there on behalf of the Trump Administration. The President actually invited and entertained the leaders of these vital American former territories and current allies to the White House earlier this year.

This all stands in stark contrast with Joe Biden and his predecessor Barack Obama. Our 44th president, who early on abandoned Hawaii for the intersectional opportunities in Chicago has never really had his heart in the Pacific. Even though he claimed there would be a pivot to the Asia-Pacific, it never materialized during his tenure. His priorities were elsewhere and the Pacific was never really on his agenda. Other than using tax dollars from you and me every Christmas and New Year’s to vacation on the beach in Hawaii, he never really did anything to beef up our national security out here. The little blip on the radar anomaly was when Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State made a few visits to South Pacific countries, but that was more of a boondoggle than a substantive diplomatic venture because she and hubby Bill used to love to vacation here in Hawaii when he was our 42nd president.

The point here is that if Obama, having been born in Hawaii, cared little or nothing about the Pacific, how much less so would the man from Scranton, Pennsylvania who made his career and fortune on the eastern seaboard in Delaware and DC, know or care about American interests in the Pacific? Yes, Donald Trump is a New Yorker with a current personal residence in Florida. But he has a stellar track record demonstrating his understanding and focus on the Pacific, relying upon key advisors in several agencies.

The other player that we must mention is the White House National Security Agency. Matthew Pottinger is a former U.S. Marine and current Deputy National Security Advisor who is fluent in Chinese and an expert in Sino-Pacific affairs. He is precisely the kind of subject matter and geopolitical expert that the White House needs to advise on counteracting not only China, but also other hostile nations on this part of the planet.

I won’t devote an entire subsection here to North Korea as it is definitely a rogue nation that could potentially do something totally stupid as long as maniac KJU is in control. But NK is unlikely to launch an actual attack without Beijing’s okay.

Having looked at how well President Trump and his administration are handling the Pacific, and I haven’t even gone into detail about how the United States Indo-Pacific Command headquartered here in Hawaii, is building up American forces of all branches of the service in strategic locations throughout the Pacific, the counterpoint to this is that nothing that I have discussed here today is on the radar or in the nebulous minds of Joe Biden or Kamala Harris.

Today, the Democrat nominee for president and potential commander-in-chief talked about allowing 8-year-olds to express their transgender identities. Democrats on the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee momentarily boycotted the hearing today to avoid a quorum to confirm U.S. Supreme Court nominee, eminently qualified Judge Amy Coney Barrett. While Democrats are playing politics, the President isn’t just campaigning for re-election. He is serving as president and commander-in-chief and dealing with substantive issues through his administration to keep America safe.


Iran successfully launched a satellite not long ago which orbits the earth in an unusual trajectory over the poles from south to north in the opposite direction from that in which the traditional North American Air Defense [NORAD] against Russian attacks has been aimed. President Trump has initiated a United States Space Force within the U.S. military structure to counteract threats such as a potential electromagnetic pulse [EMP] by China, Iran or potentially other enemies. Such an attack would be devastating, killing much of the American population, literally hundreds of millions of people, disabling our entire power grid and preventing adequate retaliation. We would literally revert to the Dark Ages.

President Trump is on top of these issues. Meanwhile, Joe and Kamala want to re-engineer America into some unrecognizable social experiment. They are pandering to the most vulgar and self-serving interests just to get elected for the sake of getting elected. What they would do then is something we cannot afford to find out.


I remember when I used to play softball as a child, sometimes maybe just playing catch with a friend, if I saw the ball go into the weeds, I kept my eye on exactly where it was until I walked up and retrieved it because I knew if I took my eyes off of it, I would never find it. That’s what we have to do right now. If we get distracted by all the political rhetoric, intersectional rivalries and pandering that is going on in the Democrat political campaign, we will totally lose sight of the fact that the person we elect will have to stand between us and national demise.

Whether Joe Biden was trolling us or whether he actually has a dementia problem which is just under heavy medication at the moment, we must not stop there in assessing his lack of qualifications. He is a corrupt bureaucrat who has made a fortune during 47 years of so-called public service. I am proud to have retired after 42 years of service, combined military and civilian, for the United States federal government. I have an adequate pension. But I did not get rich and I’m not a millionaire. Donald Trump had his fortune before he became president and now donates his entire salary to charity. To the contrary, Biden has made himself and his family super-rich as a United States Senator and Vice President while doing nothing whatsoever to benefit this country. He is a very self-absorbed individual who cannot be trusted with our future in his hands.


I will leave you with this. You know what you see and hear on the campaign trail. Is anybody else really talking about these national security issues that I’ve just brought up? Perhaps. But, if so, it’s not getting due attention.

If a new president takes office on January 20, 2021, expect a very soon challenge from our enemies. They have kept us preoccupied with a pre-planned pandemic, riots in the streets and racial divisiveness. Part of that was to keep us from considering these existential issues of national survival.

If we do have a war against China or Iran, you don’t want Joe Biden or Kamala Harris at the reins. Prevention is far better than retaliation. Either way, you know Donald Trump will not sell us out or endanger American lives. He has proven his mettle. Electing the Biden/Harris ticket could literally get us all killed.

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