While political pundits with no experience of the logistics behind mail-in voting claim there are no issues with mass mail-in ballots, fact-based reports on the matter are beginning to differ.

As I warned earlier this year, most Western nations that use mail-in voting no longer try to get this done en masse. In the words of Dr. Stuart Wilks-Heeg of the University of Liverpool: “Greater use of postal voting has made UK elections far more vulnerable to fraud and resulted in several instances of large-scale fraud.”

Now the United States faces the same, with the Associated Press admitting in its new article:

[Mail-in voting] has featured high-profile errors — 100,000 faulty mail ballots sent out in New York, 50,000 in Columbus, Ohio, and a vendor supplying that state and Pennsylvania blaming delays on sending ballots on overwhelming demand.

The list actually is far more reaching than this. And when you consider that national elections are sometimes decided on a small number of votes in a small number of counties across the country: the propensity for fraud becomes increasingly concerning.

Election judge Richard Mawrey QC – one of the most experienced election judges in the world – recently wrote in an article:

“The election will turn on ‘swing states’ which will often come down to votes in smaller voting districts. Remember, the disputed votes in a small number of districts in Florida amounted to no more than a few hundred but they gave victory to George Bush. Well-targeted local fraud could sway this election.”

He was unequivocal:

“All systems of postal voting on demand (rather than for reasons such as absence from the country) are wide open to potential fraud. Procedures can be tightened and safeguards introduced. And though they can make fraud more difficult, they can never fully eliminate postal vote manipulation.”

And when you consider the other part of the Associated Press article – that “analysis of the early vote shows 8% of early voters had never cast a ballot before, and 13.8% had voted in half or fewer of previous elections for which they were eligible” – the chances of the Democrats cheating their way to “victory” certainly cannot be discounted.

After all, Biden-donor groups are trying to get dead people to vote. You don’t need to be a genius to figure out what’s happening here.

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