Republican pollster Frank Luntz said Friday that Americans who are undecided regarding the presidential election do not like President Donald Trump but are afraid of Democrat Joe Biden’s policy proposals.

Luntz appeared on CNBC to discuss what he’s seeing among voters.

“They are nervous about Trump’s persona and they are nervous about Joe Biden’s policies, and that’s what is holding them back,” Luntz said regarding undecided voters.

“It’s not that they can’t see a difference between the two candidates. They see a tremendous difference.”

A key for Trump, Luntz said, is providing details about how he will help rejuvenate the economy as the country continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic. The stock market has largely recovered from massive drops earlier this year, but the economy overall is still fragile and unemployment remains an issue.

Voters, Luntz said, “remember the economy before COVID, and they give Trump a lot of credit for that but they want to know the details. How can he do it again under this current circumstance? They don’t want these generalities. They want to know exactly what he’s going to do. They’re never going to endorse him in his persona.”

What could end up happening, Luntz concluded, is that undecided voters may end up electing Biden if they are still on the fence at this point in the campaign.

“Our history tells us that in the end, if they haven’t decided to support the incumbent, that they end up 2-to-1 supporting the challenger,” he said.

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