I’m sure you’ll be comforted to know Joe Biden is ahead in the polls. Not just a little bit ahead either; but way ahead. Depending on which source you consult, Biden leads Trump by anywhere from 5 to 27 points. Isn’t that nice?

The pollsters ignore Biden’s many gaffes, of which there are too many to list here. (Biden wants a $15,000,000 minimum wage. Biden says he’s running for the Senate … again. Biden on Alzheimer’s: “If we do not find an answer to Alzheimer’s within the next 19 years, every single solitary bed that exists in the U.S. will be occupied by an Alzheimer’s patient.” You get the idea.)

The media also ignore and actively suppress Biden’s crime family connections, just like they did Hillary’s scandalous history.

The trouble with Biden’s solid lead and the media’s constant assurance that he’ll win the presidency is that pesky enthusiasm gap. If only people didn’t like Trump so much, Biden would be the clear winner!

Over and over and over, again and again and again, Trump rallies are packed to the gills, with thousands standing in line or hours (or days) and thousands more turned away for lack of room. Over 30,000 cars participated in a Latinos for Trump caravan in South Florida. Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s Miami car parade had only 15 cars participate.

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If people can’t attend a Trump rally to show their support, they make their own. Rush Limbaugh’s virtual rally was the biggest in radio history, with approximately 50 million listeners. Huge Trump car parades form everywhere, but especially in blue states – New Jersey, Illinois, Connecticut, Minnesota, California. Enormous flotilla boat rallies (called “Trumptillas”) have sprung up in many areas across the nation, drawing in thousands of water enthusiasts to show their support for the president.

“Even on the water, flags waved not only for Trump but for the police, for liberty, and for America,” notes Ellie Bufkin with Townhall (which includes some wonderful videos of boat parades). “As the media continue to say avid support of American values and the president is embodied only by a ‘silent majority,’ throngs of Americans prove each week that they do not intend to be silent.”

Trump is winning Latino voters. Trump is winning LGBT voters. Trump is winning elderly voters. Trump is winning women voters. Trump is winning black voters. Trump is winning the #WalkAway voters. Trump is gaining Asian voters. Trump is winning with law enforcement. Who’s left? Antifa?

Biden, meanwhile, can’t even fill a socially distanced school classroom with supporters. This past week Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had their first official joint campaign event, in Yuma, Arizona. “Nobody showed up,” observed NOQ Report. “That’s not hyperbole. There weren’t hundreds or dozens or even a few supporters there. They had literally ZERO fans come out.”

But don’t worry; Biden is ahead in the polls.

This is gaslighting, pure and simple. The media are telling us something that runs directly opposite of what our own eyes are telling us, and they expect us to believe what they say.

What accounts for this level of enthusiasm disparity? Why are so many people so enthusiastic about Trump and yawning over Biden? Quite simply, Trump is a constitutionalist and a businessman. He’s not a politician. Trump represents what America was meant to be by our Founding Fathers. Biden represents what America has become, fulfilling the warnings of our Founding Fathers.

We’ve heard tons of stories about people switching lifelong affiliations to support Trump. But how many people out there supported Trump in 2016 but are now dumping him to vote for Biden/Harris? One? Two?

It also illustrates the desperation of the mainstream media, whose polls do little more than confirm the bias of the pollsters.

Are we supposed to believe Biden will win? Yes – but only by cheating, folks. Only by cheating.

“With extremely low voter enthusiasm for Joe Biden,” observes Mike Adams with NaturalNews, “he can only ‘win’ the election by cheating: Rigging the votes, censoring conservative voices online, destroying mail-in ballots for Trump, encouraging dead people to vote Democrat, and so on. … [In] a fair election, absent any cheating, Trump wins by a landslide. But that’s why the lawless left is doubling down on their cheating this year, pulling out all the stops to suppress every Trump vote and rig as many fake, counterfeit votes for Biden as possible.” [Emphasis in original.]

The left is battling the horrifying possibility of a repeat of 2016, when the enthusiasm for Hillary was laughable in contrast to the enthusiasm for Trump. Trump would regularly draw in 15,000 voters and turn away another 12,000; Hillary literally could not fill a gymnasium. Yet after the election, the Associated Press had the gall to claim, “Americans emphatically declared their anger at government Tuesday as they elected a political outsider who failed to generate much excitement but offered the prospect of change.”

Failed to generate much excitement? Really?

This “failure” to generate much excitement is, if anything, even bigger during this election than the last. Hillary at least hit the campaign trail; Biden has been hiding in his basement.

But don’t worry; Biden is ahead in the polls.

“The Democrat-media gang-up are truthfully and tragically unaware that their entire 2020 election strategy has already started to backfire on them,” observes Judi McLeod in Canada Free Press. “Their hate spewing, name calling and attempted character-assassination of a duly elected president has, in the end, made him The Underdog. It’s part of human nature that the masses love underdogs. Not only are the hundreds of thousands who line up to see their president, hundreds of boat and car parades a testament to that, but now Hillary’s ‘deplorables’ are spontaneously chanting to Trump, ‘We love you!'”

Over and over again, the left has dismissed Trump’s influence, minimized his impact and mocked his message. It apparently never occurred to anyone to gauge the feelings of Flyover Country, that mysterious place full of ordinary working stiffs who have been living under onerous government overreach and taxation for decades. The elites should step outside their ivory towers once in a while. Flyover Country is pretty big.

Biden ahead in the polls? Don’t you believe it.

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