In an attempt to repeat the success of a similar effort in Tulsa, a 19-year-old Brooklynite launched a campaign in which Tik-Tok teens would flood the GOP with requests for tickets to a Trump Rally they had no intention of attending, so as to drive down the crowd size.

Unfortunately for the teen, he was playing Candyland while the GOP was playing four-dimensional chess.

The Mensa-candidate did not consider the possibility that a sudden flood of tens of thousands of requests from outside Staten Island where the “TRiUMPh” rally was being held and which the President would not even be attending might not go unnoticed.

Sure, they took MI6-levels of precautions in order to cover their tracks including using clever pseudonyms such as “Grabemby DeP***ay,” “Ivana Punchyou,” and “F***you Trump.”

They might have gotten away with it, too, were it not for those meddling GOP kids!

Having somehow unraveled this Rubik’s Cube of deception, GOP Chairman Brendan Lantry decided to institute a nonrefundable $5 deposit for each ticket request.

The result?

A successful, well-attended rally and $16,000 in donations to the GOP courtesy of Biden voters.

Thanks Ivana Punchyou, your generosity is much appreciated.

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