The Democrat majority in the House of Representatives, led by Crazy Nancy, impeached Trump over a phone call in July of 2019 in which Trump asked the President of Ukraine to look into possible corruption involving high ranking US officials. The Dems claimed that this constituted corruption on Trump’s part because he was supposedly trying, immorality and possibly borderline illegally, to use his position as POTUS to get Ukraine to politically destroy his main political opponent – Biden.

The FBI has had this laptop since November or December of 2019. So they KNEW, absolutely KNEW, that there really WAS corruption going on involving Biden and Ukraine, and thus Trump’s phone call was entirely legitimate and appropriate, and thus was not remotely an impeachable offense. Had Christopher Wray gone to Pelosi with the evidence in January, with an implied threat of publicly exposing her if she went forward, there would have been no impeachment. Instead, Wray sat on the evidence proving Trump’s innocence, and allowed the impeachment to proceed. This constitutes not only dereliction of duty on Wray’s part, but also sedition, which is a felony.

At 8:00 AM on November 4th, Trump needs to have Wray standing before him in the oval office to speak two words to him : YOU’RE FIRED !! And then have US marshalls materialize from all sides, handcuff him, and deliver your mire words to him : You Are Under Arrest !!

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