I don’t know about you, but I usually refer to Winter as cold or snowy, not dark. In my more Laura Ingalls Wilder moments, I may even use the phrase “long hard winter.”

Joe’s odd phrasing was enough to get red-pilled Americans Googling. (That is a word, right?)

What they found didn’t come out of a crime novel, unlike Joe’s pseudonym of “Peter Henderson.” (Note to Joe: If you’re going to use a pseudonym, don’t message Robert Hunter Biden’s actual email address as Peter Henderson and then sign your email, “Love, Dad.” That has a nasty way of blowing your cover.)


According to the Center for Biosecurity, Dark Winter was the code name for an exercise simulating a “smallpox attack on U. S. Citizens” that was postulated at Andrews Airforce Base in Washington, D. C. in June of 2001.

Eleven months ago, that might’ve sounded preposterous. But having lived, loved and lost through the Coronavirus manufactured plague, we Americans have lost our innocence. The unthinkable can happen. Smallpox may seem bizarre but, then again, had you ever heard of “coronavirus” a year ago? (My husband, who is already fighting terminal Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis, is so pissed! All these plagues are screwing with his bucket list, dammit!)

Now, pandemics are very handy things to have in your back pocket. I call them, “The Swiss Army Knife of Dictators.” Here are just a very few handy-dandy effects of releasing a scourge on the world.

  • People willingly relinquish their freedom in exchange for a false promise of safety. Expensive, messy military conquest is not necessary.
  • People willingly cover their faces so the thugs and criminals can blend right in
  • Selfishness
  • Neighbors narcing on neighbors (with or without reward)
  • Civil unrest
  • Hoarding
  • Price gouging
  • Depression / agoraphobia
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Drug abuse
  • Domestic violence
  • Divorce
  • Destruction of the family
  • Some industries experience a boom (masks, PPE, cleaning products, coffins, etc.)
  • Other businesses fail (restaurants, etc.)
  • Economies crash
  • Famine
  • Untested vaccines that result in paralysis, worse illnesses and more deaths
If COVID-19 could do all that, just imagine what smallpox can do. If you’re one of the Deep State folk, who of course will receive the new vaccine for the new strain of the smallpox, it’s enough to make you salivate.

I’m just beginning to understand that we Little People, the hoi polloi, are not welcome on this Planet. Those who have designated their loathsome selves and each other as The Elite really do want us enslaved or dead. They want this Planet all to their lonesome.

Well, they’re welcome to it. I couldn’t think of worse company than Them. Like Lord of the Flies with face lifts. Blech!

Of course, I had different ideas about life. Silly me! Fanciful me! I had this funny idea that Earth was our home. That all human beings were welcome on this planet. That life was all about love, laughter, family, home, music, good books, good food and, if you’re blessed, making it through life as unscathed by illness, tragedy and poverty as possible.

Apparently not.

Eighteen years ago, when my father was first diagnosed with cancer, the What Cancer Cannot Do poem was propped haphazardly on the counter of his chemo room. I quote it here because it doesn’t just apply to cancer. It applies to everything…viruses, poxes, tragedies of all kinds. Whatever They are planning to throw at us next.

Their evil little Swiss Army Knives are terrible but also strangely pathetic. They have no power over Love, Faith and Eternal Life…joys the Evil Elite will never know.

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