Jeff Daniels let his faux anchor character, Will McAvoy of HBO’s “The Newsroom,” go to his head in more ways than one.

The “Dumb and Dumber” alum rarely stuck his toe in political waters throughout a long and eclectic career. That’s no longer the case—witness his revival of the HBO character during the 2016 presidential election campaign.

Since then, he’s gotten political on both a variety of talk shows and MSNBC in order to smite President Donald Trump. He famously called Trump’s potential re-election “the end of democracy.”

Keith Olbermann is more unhinged these days, but there’s not much light between the two when it comes to unhinged rhetoric.

Daniels took his Hollywood Resistance routine to a new level this week. The actor lent his voice, and local gravitas, to a pro-Biden political ad airing in his home state of Michigan.

Sadly, that McAvoy bombast, along with a heady dollop of Fake News, came along with the line readings.

“People talk a lot about Midwestern values … Here in Michigan, we live those values. Things like decency, honesty, and respect,” Daniels says.

Does he know what industry he currently works in? Has he not heard the violent rhetoric his peers routinely share regarding President Trump and other issues? The public likely lost count of the number of celebrities wishing for Trump’s death, and that doesn’t count an even bigger number cheering the news of his COVID-19 diagnosis.

More importantly, does Daniels realize who President Trump’s opponent is?

Joe Biden has run one of the most deeply dishonest campaigns in modern history, at least on days when he isn’t calling a lid. It started with a whopper of a lie, one ol’ Joe can’t stop telling. The Charlottesville “Fine People” smear.

The same Biden said that every American COVID-19 death was preventable, ignoring the death rates occurring across the civilized world, as well as his own cartoonishly fuzzy pandemic messaging.

While President Trump dubs his opponent “Sleepy Joe,” Biden returns fire by calling Trump a racist and worse.

“Here in Michigan, we don’t believe in paying off porn stars to keep their mouths shut about who we really are,” the actor says in the spot. “And we don’t think much of a man who disrespects women. In fact, we don’t think he’s much of a man at all.”

Trump’s record with women is undeniably rough, but has Daniels ever heard the name Tara Reade? Has he seen the disturbing images of Biden sniffing a variety of women?

To be fair, he probably hasn’t. The mainstream media did all it could to ignore or diminish Reade’s credible allegations. Stories of Biden’s sniffery also got memory holed over the past few months.

Even worse?

The media’s unfathomable silence on the Hunter Biden scandal, one that directly connects his father to a crush of financial corruption and possible security concerns.

Hardly Michigan values, eh?

Then again, Daniels isn’t a reliable source on any pragmatic level. He recently starred in “The Comey Rule,” one of the most deeply dishonest Hollywood products in recent memory—and that’s saying something.

The two-part Showtime miniseries pretended that The Mueller Report never came up empty regarding Trump’s Russia ties. It also ignored a crush of damning news stories over the past 18 months revealing the true scope of the Russia collusion hoax.

Here’s just one of many facts “The Comey Rule” forgot to share. FBI Agents scrambled to buy liability insurance fearing retribution for their dishonest work chasing conspiracy theories meant to tank Trump.

Daniels didn’t mind leveraging his talent to trick Showtime viewers into believing an alternate reality because it aligned with his far-left mindset.

He’s doing it once more with his deceptive attack ad. Michigan deserves better.

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