If you’re a Democrat and you’re not unhinged, the best reason to support Reverend Raphael Warnock for the Senate — maybe the only reason — is to help Democrats regain control of that body. There’s little else to recommend electing the wild-eyed radical race hustler.

But the Reverend isn’t having it. He insists that his race against Sen. Kelly Loeffler isn’t about control of the Senate. Instead, it’s “about the people of Georgia.”

Warnock explained:

Chuck Schumer’s name is certainly not on the ballot. I will tell you what is on the ballot. Health care is on the ballot — access to affordable health care. We have got 500,000 Georgians in the Medicaid gap. We have got 1.8 million Georgians with preexisting conditions.

Actually, health care is not on the ballot, nor is there any possibility of a legislative repeal of Obamacare in the next two years. And the only hope the Democrats have of expanding Obamacare, as Joe Biden wants to do, is to obtain control of the Senate — i.e. make Schumer its majority leader.

I suppose it’s normal for Warnock to resent the fact that this reason — which has nothing to do with the Reverend himself — is the best argument for electing him. But money isn’t flowing into Warnock’s campaign chest because he’s God’s gift to Georgia. It’s flowing in because the Dems are desperate to get to 50 Senate seats.

If Warnock is God’s gift to anything, he’s the Almighty’s gift to the GOP. Warnock may not be unelectable, but Republicans are fortunate that the Democrats’ chances of retaking the Senate rest on such a deeply flawed candidate.

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