Sharyl :

Copy my report about V I O L E N C E
in L E F T I S M to paper, then nix it :


Hey, Lefty!

Name Right-Wing Mass Murderers

of the

20th Century

– You Stand in the Camp of the Most
Evil Men in History –

Most politically left-wing Jews and Gentiles agree with John Kenneth Galbraith’s view of America’s conservatives:

“The modern conservative
is engaged in one of
man’s oldest exercises in
moral philosophy: that is
the search for a superior
moral justification for

Galbraith was left-wing – i.e., emotion-driven, which means “irrational” – in his evaluations of and advice about America’s political, social, cultural, racial, and financial matters.

In the tradition of the emotion-driven leftist mind, Galbraith was what reason-driven conservatives name-call, “do-gooder.”

If you sit down with pen and paper and make a list of the most famous do-gooders of the Twentieth Century, you’ll discover they were all mass murderers, wishing to “crack a few eggs to make an omelet”; that is, they were UTOPIAN-MINDED men on the Left, hell-bent on creating Heaven on Earth through violence and mass murder—in the names of FAIRNESS and EQUALITY.

And, yes, they were men opposed to Man’s selfishness, hoping to more equally distribute the means for living a comfortable life to everyone—to create a fairer, more equalitarian, near-classless national and/or global society (Note: National socialists conflict with universal socialists, as the former are unwilling to give up their nation-state borders for the open-borders global society that universalists seek to impose).

Those mass murderers were socialist and/or communist in their politics and engineering schemes; a distinction separated only by the degree of applied totalitarianism, with socialism being less controlling of individuals’ personal affairs than communism—the former being, for most leftists, but a stage towards achieving the latter’s degree of control.

Can you name them—those left-wing mass murderers?

Of course, you, like most people, believe Hitler was a right-wing tyrant, rather than the left-wing socialist he and his Nazi Party actually represented. Many political analysts have documented that fact, but their evidence cannot penetrate leftists’ false propaganda about him—about his left-wing, national-socialist movement. And so, to this day, most people mistakenly tag America’s conservatives and conservatism as “Nazis” and “Nazism.”

[[ Note: Leftists cannot abide being badly tainted by the gas-chamber killings associated with one of their own left-wing comrades, so they deceitfully call Hitler’s Leftism “right-wing”. ]]

Hitler was a leftist. Can you name the rest in Leftism who committed mass murder during the Twentieth Century?

Lenin, Stalin, Chairman Mao and Pol Pot were left-wing “do-gooders,” who managed to “break a few eggs” on their march towards a FAIRER world, numbering over 100-million deaths through warring, starvation, torture and firing squads:

If you see a left-wing
do-gooder coming
down the road, fear him!

The so-called “selfishness” among rightists has done far more to spread wealth – and to effect good civilization – than leftists’ do-gooder social engineering could ever hope to achieve. And, yet, Leftism marches into the 21st Century holding the exact same emotion-driven, do-gooder schemes responsible for such brutal savagery throughout the 20th.

Now, name those “SELFISH” conservatives who had committed mass murder.

Hmmm…—and, now, drop your left-wing positions, as you stand there in the camp of the MOST EVIL men in human history. [[ Note: There is much that’s wrong with how Western conservatives and conservatism have applied meritocratic capitalism, but mass murder isn’t one of their failings. Capitalism isn’t to blame for this financial crisis in the West, but CAPITALISM ENSLAVED to and INFECTED by leftists’ socialism/communism is. ]]



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