RUSH: Tom in Winona, Missouri. Tom, it’s great that you’re here. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Thanks, sir. Good afternoon. I wanted to say that I think that states with Republican-controlled legislatures should inform the president of the Senate that they’re withholding their certification of election results pending further development of the situation, because they have no intention of participating in a proceeding that’s going to ratify a fraud, and that if this election is gonna be a Third World farce, then it ought to be a complete one with 100% vote for the winner.

RUSH: You know, I love that idea. If we’re gonna do this — if we’re gonna bastardize this election, if we’re gonna turn this country into a Third World, tinhorn dictatorship — let’s go all the way, and let’s make sure Biden gets 100% of the vote.

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: I love that idea.

CALLER: (crosstalking)

RUSH: Bah! Bah! Bah! I’m host. I got limited time. Want to ask you a question, okay?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: Do you believe Sidney Powell, you believe Lin Wood, do you believe these people telling us what they’ve found and what they’ve got, evidence wise? Do you believe it?

CALLER: Yes. Yes, sir.

RUSH: No doubts?

CALLER: No, sir.

RUSH: I’m just trying to gather the way people think. There’s no right or wrong answer here. I’m just curious how you think. Why? Do you know Sidney Powell? Do you know her personally? Can you vouch for her?

CALLER: No, sir. No, sir. No, sir.

RUSH: But yet you still believe what she is claiming. There’s gotta be a reason for it.

CALLER: The statistical anomalies that have been brought up, like the fact that — something brought up, I think — he didn’t do as well, Biden didn’t do as well Hillary or Barack Hussein —

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: — in New York —

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: — or Chicago, and yet he did way better than they did in the states where the results are under dispute. All the unprecedented practice of stopping counting only in six states, all of them controlled by Democrats, all that Trump had to win.

RUSH: Why would you stop counting?

CALLER: (chuckling) Exactly.

RUSH: My wife, Kathryn, and I have been asking ourselves. That’s what we always go back to (there’s other things too): Why would you stop counting?


RUSH: I still like the idea we got from our caller in the last hour that, “Hey, if we’re gonna behave like a banana republic, let’s go all the way. Let’s just find a way to get Joe Biden 100% of the vote. Think of it. What a way to start out relationships with Venezuela, with the ChiComs, with Putin and the Castros (what’s left of ’em) down in Cuba.” What a grand idea!

We may just go all in. If we’re gonna have… Folks, he was serious about this. If we’re gonna have an election that is as bastardized as this one was, if we’re gonna stop the counting — (chuckling) there’s no reason to stop the counting — in Biden districts, in Biden states… If we’re gonna stop the counting, why? ‘Cause they needed take time to find out where they needed additional votes.

If we’re gonna do this, if we’re gonna insult and bastardize the American electoral process, let’s go all the way. Let’s just make sure that Joe Biden gets 100%, maybe 99%. We’ll allow that. To show that we’re not an autocratic, authoritative tyranny, we would allow that 1% did not vote for Biden. But I still like 100%. I think that’d be great.

I have a couple of stories here. I, frankly, did not lead with this today because I was trying to combine two birds with one stone. I figured that — and maybe I misjudged how important this is. I figured there would be phone calls out the wazoo on Sidney Powell and Lin Wood and Rudy and this entire effort that they have underway or that they have begun where they are claiming irrefutable evidence.

I thought you guys would be so wired out there that you’d be melting the phone lines talking about this. I figure you may have already done it with previous hosts, the guest hosts, like with Steyn yesterday. I didn’t think about that. But then again, I stopped and thought, “But you still haven’t talked about it with me.” So that’s what we’re gonna do now, and I’ve got a couple of stories that I want to use as guideposts, guardrails, guiding lights to get this started.

One of them is a — and they’re stories that have good summaries of where we are, what has happened at the moment. One of them is by John Nolte at Breitbart. “Sidney Powell and Lin Wood Promise That There is a Ton of Voter Fraud.” I’ve been following this even though I’ve been away, and I probably have the same questions and reactions that all of you have.

I know Sidney Powell. I don’t know her personally, but I know her. I have spoken to her on the phone. She has been interviewed by me on this program. She has an impeccable, unchallengeable record in books that she has written criticizing the fairness (or lack of it) at the Department of Justice. Impeccable. She has not been challenged in one thing that she’s written in that book.

That book, Amazon would not even carry it, Amazon would not even list it, and that’s when I got really curious. “What are they so afraid of? What’s everybody so worried about here?” So I went out, I got a copy of the book, and I read it. I was outraged. I was outraged by the page as I was reading this. It was about the same lawyers that were on the Mueller team and how they had abused Justice Department rules and guidelines.

And how they had railroaded other defendants like Ted Stevens in Alaska. How they had engaged in prosecutorial misconduct. How they had been called out by a judge — Emmet Sullivan, as it turns out. It was outrageous what these lawyers, led by Andrew Weissmann, were allowed to get away with. And she wrote about everything they did. And they never challenged her that I saw. They never sued her. They never objected.

They didn’t say a word about it. Their strategy was to ignore it and hope it goes away and hope that nobody of any consequence will read it. That was the strategy. And it is a strategy when you find yourself involved something like this, just ignore it and hope that you don’t amplify it by talking about it yourself. And I’m telling you, folks, that’s how I know Sidney Powell.

And I know Lin Wood… I don’t know him, either, and I’ve not interviewed him. But I know that he secured big money in settlement lawsuits against CNN and, I believe, the Washington Post on behalf of the Covington kids who were in fact slandered by both CNN and Washington Post — and the whole of the Drive-By Media, New York Times as well.

So the bottom line is these people — specifically Sidney Powell and Lin Wood — their work, their life’s work hasn’t been refuted. Their life’s work has not been challenged. They have not been called out. They’ve not been… Maybe they’ve been privately threatened; I don’t know. But they haven’t been publicly threatened. “You better cease and desist or else we’re gonna sue you ’til the end of your money,” whatever.

Nothing like that publicly. Now, privately there may have been attempts to intimidate. The point is, I have no reason not to believe them. None! In fact, I have every reason to believe them. Intellectually, not emotionally. I know I want what they’re saying to be true. But intellectually, I can’t come up with a reason to doubt them. What could their motivation be?

Because if it turns out that they’re making all this up, it’s over for them. They’re getting half the country riled up — or a decent percentage — on something that’s gonna be exposed as a total fraud? I can’t… There’s nothing in either person’s life’s work or track record that would indicate that this is a standard operating procedure for them. Now, that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible, ’cause people are people and they do crazy things, and they have crazy motivations.

And we can’t possibly know everything going on in these people’s lives. I’m just telling you on the surface here (even a little deeper than the surface), I cannot imagine them doing it with the specificity that they are alleging things that have happened here. So it’s just impossible to not believe this. Then start asking, “Well, okay. So what’s next? I mean, you got all these evidence.

“What are you gonna do with it? You have all this evidence. To whom are you going to present it?” Now, a lot of people think that there is conflicting information in all this and that because of the conflicting information, people don’t know what to think about the election results. I’m using the word “information” because the word “news” is now totally meaningless.

You realize there’s no news anymore, folks. As I have told you over the many broadcast years, there’s no news. There’s just a bunch of charlatans out there presenting information that has been manipulated, exaggerated, made up, what have you. Now, there are some sites also that some might say are kook sites that are also in on this.

They’re in deep on it. I say “kook sites” because you never heard of ’em and they… Well, let me retract “kook sites.” They’re just some sites you’ve never heard of and so you might say, “Okay, well, I can’t invest in something I never heard of.” Why can’t you? You realize that anybody on earth can access the internet and write something and post it there?


RUSH: By the way, the raving testimonial I gave Sidney Powell I could also give to Lin Wood, although I don’t know him, I’ve never interviewed him. But these are people that have no reputation as phonies, liars, charlatans, opportunists, none of that has ever attached to them. So when you hear these people talk about the evidence they’ve got, the ontological certitude they have over this election being stolen and fraudulent, it’s difficult, folks, to just not believe them because of who they are.

This is going to be a real test because these two people have impeccable reputations. They have as impeccable a reputation as you could hope to achieve. The only thing they’re not is liberals. If they were liberals they would be king and queen. But they’re not. They may not be conservatives. They could be Libertarians. They could be apolitical. Sidney Powell, I don’t know what her politics are. Might want to assume.

But my point is that their reputations you can’t touch. If an untouchable reputation is a goal of yours in your life, if you hope that at some point in your adult life you’ve achieved this great achievement of an impeccable reputation, these two people have done that. And it’s gonna be real interesting to see how they are dealt with. And it’s going to be interesting to see just how valuable in 2020 and 2021 an impeccable reputation is.

I can speak for myself in saying growing up, in our family, an impeccable reputation was regarded as something special, was regarded as something to pursue. It was thought taught to us as something very difficult to achieve. That it required constant and vigilant attention and effort to everything you did, and especially the way you treat other people.

My dad said to me, “If you want to really determine the character of somebody, watch how they treat people who can’t do anything for them.” And, boy, has that been proven true. But here we have these two people, impeccable, impeccable reputations. That alone should make them believable. But will it? Do reputations really count for more than a political ideology in 2020?


RUSH: Here’s Sandy in Dawsonville, Georgia. Hi.

CALLER: Hello.

RUSH: Hey.

CALLER: Mega dittos and mega prayers from Dawsonville.

RUSH: Thank you. Thank you very much.

CALLER: Thank you for having me on. Listen. I was listening to your show and you were talking about Lin Wood and Sidney Powell. In Georgia where I live, Lin Wood has filed a lawsuit here for the election that just occurred. And I don’t know whether it has any merit or not. However, I was kind of outraged that, number one, Georgia went Democratic. I’m shocked.

Number two, I just don’t know don’t know — he talked about Lin Wood, when he was discussing this on somebody’s show, and he called Governor Kemp corrupt along with our secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, and I’ve never found anything to be corrupt with Governor Kemp or the secretary of state. They’re both Republican. But I wanted to get your take on what you thought the merits of this case here in Georgia and whether we might see some results that are actually accurate? I’ve lost all faith and confidence in our voting system.

RUSH: You’re not alone.


RUSH: I think a lot of people have lost faith in the electoral system, starting back in 2016. Do you realize — I’m not trying to change the subject on you — but you realize, in 2016 the Democrat Party began a process that was part of their political objective of overturning the presidential election, overturning the results of 2016. To do that, they had to convince people that the election was stolen, that it was fraudulent, that Donald Trump stole the election by working with Russians, and they spent four years pounding it into people’s heads.

And 35% to 40% of country believed it, Democrat voters, to this day believe it. That’s a stunning thing. And they did it on purpose. And it sets up, unbeknownst to them, it sets up all these challenges to the election that they won, that they think they won with Biden. It’s the Democrat Party who verified, validated the whole concept that elections are not honest and that they’re easy to steal. The Democrat Party did this. Four years, day-to-day pounding, New York Times, Washington Post, CNN. So now here they are crying and whining. When they win an election, it’s all aboveboard and up and up.

As to the specifics of what happened in Georgia, I’m like you. I was stunned at some of the results. In Georgia now Andrew Yang and a bunch of other Democrats — you tell me this isn’t election fraud — they’re urging Democrats from all over the country to move to Georgia to flood the state with new Democrats to vote in the runoff elections in January and then to move back home after the election in January. You tell me that that’s something that’s aboveboard.

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