Patience is a virtue. But anyone in America waiting for Donald Trump to concede the 2020 presidential election will never attain it.

The president will not accept the projected outcome because he truly believes that the election was not fair.

Rather, he will continue to fight because that is what he does.

In many respects that’s what got him elected in the first place.

The very definition of “concede” — to surrender or yield — is contrary to every principle or action known to President Trump.

For him the election is not over.

For millions of Americans there are many fundamental questions that must be answered to restore faith and integrity in our electoral process. History will ultimately judge the president’s posture, but whether right or wrong, President Trump has exposed major flaws in our election process and has put those concerns right out in the open for the entire American public to see.

If America wants to confront the brutal truth then it must acknowledge the numerous flaws in this presidential election. But it must also look back decades earlier.

The voting irregularities in 2020 are a manifestation of fraudulent and illegal voting from years of turning a blind eye to the misdeeds and mistakes of past elections.

Historically, we have never really fixed the problems in elections because they never significantly impacted the outcomes so we did not care to put forth the necessary work for needed changes.

On occasion, as in the 2000 presidential election, voting flaws reared their dreadful head, garnered immediate and intense efforts to correct, but fizzled out with no meaningful or sustained impact.

America just kept plodding forward to the next election cycle with no real solutions.

The current election outcome is extremely close and so it warrants careful review.

Uncounted ballots are still being found in states, deceased individuals are on voter registration lists irrespective if they voted, double voting has occurred, the United States Postal Service continues to find undelivered ballots.

The political spin from all sides has submerged basic facts and truths.

If our collective goal in America is to count every legal vote from every registered voter that exercised this privilege, then why not do everything possible within our power to fulfill it.

The stakes are high. Voter turnout was historic.

The American people deserve absolute and unconditional transparency.

America is the gold standard for democracy and democratic elections.

The world is watching by our example.

The president’s refusal to concede the election is the essence of that democracy in action.

Every vote really does matter. This election has proven the significance of that sacred act.

More than 73 million people voted for him and used their votes as their voice.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll this week of both Republicans and Democrats showed the erosion of confidence in the election by the American public, and over 50% believe voting fraud impacted the outcome.

During Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign I was able to witness the characteristics of the man as a candidate before he was president.

One of his most remarkable and exhausting assets is his instincts to understand people more so than politics. There were countless times where he ignored or openly disagreed with his advisers and close friends in favor of his own positions on critical matters.

Each and every instance he proved to be right.

In April of 2016 he called the Republican Party’s primary system “rigged” and many people thought his language was too extreme and divisive.

However, in the end, he was correct as he battled his party’s established leadership all the way to securing the nomination. Then after exacerbating his own party, he attacked the Democrat’s process claiming its system too was flawed.

Donald Trump was right again as Bernie Sanders’ candidacy was eliminated through unethical and questionable tactics purportedly orchestrated by Hillary Clinton and her team.

In 2017, Mr. Trump raged that his campaign was “spied on” by corrupt and misguided government insiders. Even many Republicans at that time believed the president was peddling conspiracy theories. Now several years later, through declassified documents and witness testimony, the president exposed the truth about attempts to remove him as the duly elected president by the American people; again proving to be correct.

He branded mainstream media as propagating “fake news” and now it’s a dictionary definition. This leads to recent comments the president made beginning in July of this year, about the unquestionable artifice of mail-in ballots.

By sarcastically telling voters to cast ballots twice he identified the lack of electoral safeguards in several states. He pointed out the numerous flaws associated with mail-in ballots and the unfairness of inconsistent rules by states governing these votes.

Once again the facts and evidence are proving the president absolutely right.

No American should ever accept a tainted election where the fundamental fairness and integrity are called into question. Regardless if the fraud in the 2020 election was deliberate or by an unintentional act, it exists.

We must acknowledge it in order to repair it, and change our course from the irrevertible damage that has already been done. We can never accept any outcome that is under a cloud of suspicion. By refusing to concede President Trump is fighting for election integrity, fairness, and transparency.

Protecting the sanctity of the vote is one of the worthiest battles he can wage.

So he will fight. He will always fight.

Rick Gates served as President Trump’s deputy campaign chairman in 2016 and is the author of “Wicked Game: An Insider’s Story of How Trump Won, Mueller Failed, and America Lost.”

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