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The two voting tech companies Dominion and Smartmatic, it has been revealed, have previously signed an non-competition agreement between the two of them, despite perception to the contrary.

This revelation comes despite the companies themselves insisting that they are, in their own words, “fierce competitors”, and many major media outlets saying the same thing.

Dominion and Smartmatic are also both under intense scrutiny due to allegations of incompetence and fraud involving the recent elections held on Nov. 3 in the US, and many times so far, vote counts have been found to have been incorrect and had to be reversed.

According to the National Pulse, the revelation came from analyzing a lawsuit back in 2009, in which Smartmatic was suing Dominion. The text of the complaint reads, in part:

“The license agreement contained a noncompetition provision, which, among other things, prohibited Smartmatic from “develop[ing], market[ing] or sell[ing] any Licensed Product in the United States.”

A later legal text in a follow-up to the lawsuit reads as follows:

“…the agreement’s noncompetition provision prohibited the plaintiffs from selling the licensed products in the United States.”

Particularly alarming is the issue that these facts run contrary to the Associated Press’s “fact-check” on the subject.

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