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Dominion Transferring Vote Ratios Between Precincts in Pennsylvania

By Edward Solomon

In this video you will see data from the NYT feed from Pennsylvania on November 4th. Particular vote ratios are transferred between random sets of seized precincts throughout the day (see image link below):

A total of nine exhibits are presented in this video, but there are in fact several hundred of these precincts seizures and ratio transfers on the day of November 4th alone, and the same ratios continue to be transferred for several more days within the overall dataset spanning an entire week.

Original data sets:

“The Dominion System isolated a “Flip Set” from the expected vote count and the expected percentage. It then splices the Flip Set into multiple “ratio sets” and assigns them to precincts throughout the day. Once a particular “ratio set” receives the votes it needed, it releases that set, and then Dominion injects it into the city wide count.

To hide it’s trail, Dominion reassigns the same “ratio set” to different (random) precincts throughout the day, so that the same precinct doesn’t keep getting the exact same ratio (or the same set of precincts).

During a particular period of time while a precinct is selected, it gives Trumps an EXACT NUMBER of votes, it gives Biden a MINIMUM number of votes, and splits the small remainder to a third party (via random assignment).

Here’s the full video

More from the Kyle Becker thread…

“The statistical anomalies merit further investigation to check for more signs of a computer algorithm. However, when I called a GA election official about ballots found after polls closed in one county she told me you cannot track changes because Dominion OVERWRITES the changes.”

Even Lara Logan retweeted it…

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