When Joe Biden boasted he was going to beat President Trump he assured all: “And when we do, we won’t just rebuild this nation – we’ll transform it.

The question that went unasked is exactly what he purposed to “transform” America into. Transforming America into a communist nation of industrialized baby-killing, grotesque sexual perversion, the elimination of our First and Second Amendment rights by edict etc., is what Obama meant when he promised to “transform” America.

Obama issued edicts that required grown men and boys be granted unrestricted access to women’s bathrooms, showers and changing/dressing rooms. He invoked God’s name in claiming Planned Parenthood did “good work.” Mine was one of the voices that publicly condemned Obama for praising Planned Parenthood’s industrialization of murdering children, specifically black children.

Biden is no less anti-Second Amendment than Obama, and he, combined with Kamala Harris, who boasts of whoring her way to Washington by sleeping with married politically connected men, would immediately move to remove our Second Amendment rights. Harris and Obama are the most pro-baby-killing elected deviants in history. And, if the rumors are true, Obama, like Harris, whored for what he wanted. A reputed former female classmate has said that Obama slept with “old white men to get money for his cocaine” habit, just as Harris slept with any married man who could further her political aspirations.

Biden’s son is a lifelong crack cocaine addict, who slept with his brother’s wife, impregnated a stripper and is credibly rumored to have engaged in what is politely referred to as “inappropriate sexual behavior” with his then-14-year-old niece, who also happens to be Biden’s granddaughter. Additionally, Hunter Biden is compromised by the Russians, the Chinese, and corrupt Ukrainians; and only time will tell what other entities he is indebted to.

Obama-Biden transformed America into one of proliferated violent street gangs, proliferated skin-color discord and the highest rates of unemployment amongst blacks, Hispanics and women in decades. Together they created unprecedented levels of overall unemployment, manufacturing companies fleeing the country to avoid one of the most oppressive regulatory environments in American history, and record levels of food stamp/welfare recipients.

Muslim terrorists and debauched sexual deviants fared well under Obama-Biden. The Obama woman also fared well. She treated being in Washington as her private ATM. When she wasn’t doing jumping jacks in the White House Rose Garden she was wallowing around on the floor doing pushups on talk shows for the perverted pleasure of hosts like Ellen DeGeneres.

Obama-Biden passed on one of the worst economies since the Great Depression.

So, just what should we expect when Biden boasts that he will “rebuild and transform America”? Biden and Harris have prolific records of incarcerating blacks. They’re both anti-Second Amendment and pro-baby killing. They are rabid sexual deviants, who will sell their soul to whomever furthers their political interests.

Biden promises to end fossil-fuel production, and Alexandria “pop-eyed” Ocasio-Cortez boasts that Biden can be pushed further to the left.

That said, Biden may think it will be him who “transforms” America, but even if he’s able to have the voter and ballot fraud work in his favor and thus steal the election, Democrats would label him non compos mentis within 30 days after his inauguration.

That means it wouldn’t be Biden “transforming” America, it would be Harris and whatever Marxist they plan to replace her.

I’ve long said that the most likely reason America isn’t mentioned or referenced in biblical eschatology is because it will have ceased to exist in any meaningful influential way. That means the decline has to begin at some point.

Literal hell on earth is going to take place. There are only two questions pursuant to that fact: 1) When it starts, and 2) Who goes through it.

It’s biblical fact that God’s patience isn’t without end. The Scriptures tell us that the return of Christ will come n at a time “as in the days of Noah.” That means society will be all evil, all the time – which means things must still get worse than they are now.

If it’s God’s will that President Trump not be reelected, that should make people perform a very close inspection of themselves concerning their relationship with Christ, because if I’m right – and I am – things are going to get really bad, really quick, as the end looms nearer.

And if it’s God’s will that President Trump be reelected, we need to answer the question: How will we use the additional time God has given us?

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