Barack Obama has completed the tour promoting his memoir and is now writing a memoir about his tour promoting his memoir. When he’s finished, he plans to write a memoir about the memoir about his tour.

The current memoir, entitled, “America — It’s Just Not Good Enough for Me,” has become a bestseller after the former bad president’s promotional tour, which he’ll write about in his new memoir, “America — It Still Can’t Live Up to Me,” which he’ll write about writing about in his next memoir, “Stop Bothering Me, America. You Just Don’t Rate.”

In his memoir about his memoir’s promotional tour, Obama will explain that his interview with Oprah Winfrey was actually a visual effect in which Obama was made to appear as if he was in the same room with Oprah Winfrey even though she couldn’t possibly deserve to be in the same room with Obama because Oprah Winfrey is part of America and America just isn’t good enough to be in the same room with Obama.

When he finishes writing about that, he’ll write about writing about how you aren’t in the same room with him while he’s writing, because you too are part of America and don’t deserve to be there.

Obama’s current memoir was originally contracted to be 100,000 words long, but instead came out closer to being 100,000 pages long.

Obama says that was not because he’s a narcissistic incompetent who thinks he knows vastly more than in fact he does and couldn’t even read the contract, but instead is because 100,000 words was simply not enough to contain the worlds that are contained within Barack Obama, each one of them better than America.

Obama says he’ll begin work on the memoir of the tour as soon as the tour ends and will begin work on the memoir about the memoir as soon as the memoir ends so that he will disappear into an endless world of Obama, which will be much, much better than America.

America says it can’t wait for him to disappear.

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