The current 2020 Presidential Election is in a state of crisis. Not only have Big Tech and Big Media ignored vast evidence of election fraud, but these institutions have conspired to promote one candidate as the winner, long before the conclusion of all election software audits, statistical analysis, recounts and court proceedings (which will include witness testimony of election interference and coercion).

Originally published by Natural News. is a one-stop source for journalists, truth seekers and patriotic Americans who want to protect the integrity of the election process. The site is a crowdsourced compilation that aggregates publicly available items of evidence that would be admissible in court. The site does not contain general election news stories, rumors or updates. The site contains statistical evidence, court documents, photos, audio, video and witness testimony, affidavits, and historical context — all sourced, timestamped and categorized by state of occurrence. The compilation so far contains over six hundred incidences, encompassing millions of potential illegal or stolen votes.

Why are Democrats ignoring the evidence and acting unconstitutionally?

Strangely enough, after four years of whining about Russian interference in the 2016 election, crazed Democrats are nowhere to be found as thousands of Americans come forward with evidence of real-life election fraud taking place in the U.S. Instead, leftists are threatening violence on anyone who supports honest elections.

As evidence of election fraud and election official coercion grows, it is simultaneously being suppressed and mocked by entities ranging from Facebook to CNN to Twitter to Fox News. The major networks are now void of honest journalism and are no longer following leads and asking real questions. Social media companies have become Democrat Super PACs that broadcast official Democrat narratives throughout the site, while suppressing user content and verifiable information that conflicts with their political agenda.

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Framers created the Electoral College to prevent election fraud and stop those seeking to steal power

The good news is that the framers of the Constitution devised a system of checks and balances to ensure that the Republic of the United States is not overrun by those seeking to use the executive and legislative branches of government merely to gain power and destroy the rule of law. It’s no wonder why Democrats are trying to abolish this system of check and balances.

The framers set up the electoral college, and each state legislature governs the process. In forty-eight states (excluding Maine and Nebraska), state legislatures ensure that electors cast their vote for the winner of the popular vote of the respective state. Each state is granted a proportion of electoral votes equivalent to the state’s population in comparison to the whole of the United States population. This number of electoral votes changes with the census, which is conducted every ten years.

This per-state allotment of electoral votes prevents densely populated urban areas from having more voting power than the rural areas, where there are differing concerns, preferences and ways of life. The framers were wary of mob rule and devised a system that prevented densely populated areas from dictating public policy. An electoral college also prevents some states from having disproportionate voting power compared to other states. For instance, if popular vote was the determining factor, then states would be incentivized to drive unqualified people to the polls. The states that responsibly enforce voter qualifications would have reduced voter totals, and have less influence overall. Additionally, the founders were aware that in a direct popular election there would be greater incentive for vote corruption and election fraud — because “lost” votes can swing the entire election, not just a single state.

If the Trump campaign’s legal team can provide enough evidence that the popular vote was skewed or election software switched votes using corrupt algorithms, then who would the electors vote for in each state? Could the Supreme Court get involved, and would potential foreign interference of the election be declared? Will the House of Representatives be called upon to decide the election?

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Sources include:

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