Fox News revealed its true colors on election night. At least that’s the common narrative spoken in conservative circles. But the truth is more nefarious, more sinister. Fox News has been quietly working against President Trump and conservatives since shortly after his election. They just did it stealthily and attempted to shift their network and their formerly massive audience to the center.

This is why they must be pushed even further. If there’s one thing we can say about CNN, MSNBC, and network news channels, it’s that we know the enemy well. There is no subterfuge in their ideology, no false pretense behind their actions. They are progressives, unabashedly, through and through. That makes them less dangerous than a network like Fox News who hides their true intentions. It’s better to face a wolf in the woods than a rattler in your sleeping bag.

What we saw on election night was them turning on the faucet of what had previously been a drip campaign. They did not want to lose their audience too soon, not as long as they could continue to manipulate them. They wanted to carry the mantle as the only major news channel conservatives could go to with the expectation of not being bombarded with Trump Derangement Syndrome. But what they gave us was subtle. It crept under the skin slowly as they attempted to manipulate their viewership through regular leftist guests, occasional nods of approval towards Democrats, and increasingly common jabs at the President.

What was once occasional has now become commonplace at the network. They pulled back their false skin and revealed that they are worse than a conglomeration of Democrats. They’re a combination of Bush-era neo-conservatives, left-leaning Libertarians, and yes, some flat-out bonafide Democrats. They longed for a time when Mitt Romney or John McCain could have carried the Republican mantle. And President Trump was a threat.

Some would say, “But they embraced him in 2016!” This is true. For the most part daytime show hosts other than Chris Wallace and Neil Cavuto were positive towards candidate Trump. But like the Drudge Report, Washington Examiner, and The Daily Caller, they were doing so only based on the expectation that he would lose. They could accumulate his supporters as their audience and when he lost, they could complain all day about President Hillary Clinton while proclaiming America needed a sensible moderate like Jeb! Bush or Larry Hogan to become the face of the party in 2020.

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They were just as blindsided by the Trump victory as Matt Drudge was. The difference is Drudge didn’t have the patience nor the inclination to deal in subtlety. He took his site to the left very quickly and became anti-Trump within months after the election. Fox News evolved into what they were just before election night. Then, they had their coming-out party, taking cues from the left to not call Florida when they should even though they called Virginia and Arizona when they shouldn’t. It was all part of the plan.

In truth, they aren’t too worried about hemorrhaging viewers. They believe they’ll be able to get them back once President Trump is out of the picture. This absolutely, positively, unambiguously must never, ever happen. Never. Did I mention NEVER! And that’s not a proclamation based on emotion following a massive betrayal. They simply cannot be trusted. Like I said, I’d rather see a wolf in the forest than feel the bite of a rattler in my sleeping bag. Once you’ve been bitten, you learn to check your sleeping bag before getting in again. You also learn that a wolf can be scared away or fought off with a stick.

Don’t bring up Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, or any of the evening hosts who value freedom. It’s unfortunate that they’re going to suffer from our departure from Fox News viewership, but they’ll be fine. They’ll adjust or they’ll move to redder pastures. They may be separate from the news department at their network, but they saw what was happening and did essentially nothing. They are not part of corporate Fox News but they are beholden to them by choice.

They can go down the road of Glenn Beck who has reinvented himself. They could go to One America News or Newsmax; hopefully they’ve invested wisely so they aren’t too attached to their massive Fox News salaries. They could even go to a future Trump news network if, God forbid, his team fails to prove their cases before the Supreme Court.

It’s a little known (for some reason) fact that Fox News has always envisioned having the widest audience, including a predisposition towards a pro-amnesty agenda. Until their post-election fall, they’ve had the biggest audience, but not necessarily the widest in terms of ideology. They are true believes in portraying themselves as “fair and balanced” and reluctantly took on the label of being right-leaning only because that’s what their base audience craved. But that’s not what they craved. They, like so many in the Republican Establishment, believe they must cater to the center in order to achieve their long term goals. They base this on the belief that their competitors are so far to the left now that the center is underserved. What they don’t realize is that there is no true center anymore. We are polarized as a nation. Bipartisanship is dead. Centrism is dying.

The only true holes that need to be filled are for honest news outlets that embrace one side or the other. Fact-based reporting with an ideological spin relegated to only the opinion side of the outlet is what Americans want. And that can be accomplished. Just not by Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, or network news. They are all tainted, having let editorial seep into their news.

It’s funny that two of the rising news networks that are both labeled “far-right” are actually the most honest out there. One America News and Newsmax both have conservative principles driving their editorial, but both also offer fact-based news reporting with minimal spin. They aren’t perfect. Both have tons of work to do before they can compete with the big boys and both still have infinitesimal audiences compared to an exposed Fox News, but both also show tremendous promise.

It’s not enough for Fox News to take a hit on their viewership, especially if it’s only temporary. They need to be pushed into fighting for CNN’s and MSNBC’s progressive audience. They must NEVER be allowed to pretend to be conservative again.

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