If the 2020 election is deemed fraudulent or even just riddled with too many “errors” to produce an uncontested outcome, then state legislators have the ultimate constitutional authority to decide the winner.

Article originally published at Natural News.

This is the perspective of constitutional attorneys William J. Olson and Patrick M. McSweeney who contend that state legislatures have a “constitutional duty” to go even so far as to override individual state-certified results in the event of “a contested presidential election.”

In a rebuttal piece to a column written by former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy for the National Review, Olson and McSweeney explain using the Constitution as backing that the American people “deserve an honest accounting of who won,” which has not yet occurred.

“During the 2020 presidential election, many of the so-called swing states, including Arizona, saw unprecedented – and unlawful – erosions of procedural safeguards as well as administration irregularities on Election Day,” they reveal.

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“With respect to identifying and remediating fraudulent or mistaken results, it is now or never, whatever can be done must be done.”

In the event of a “prima facie case” of “substantial computerized election fraud” that bears evidence of votes being tabulated overseas, software swapping votes, and strange ballots marked only for Joe Biden coming out of nowhere – all of this occurred in the 2020 election – it is up to state legislatures to take the reins and vote accordingly.

McCarthy, on the other hand, “would have even those state legislators who become fully persuaded that the count was fraudulent to sit back and see the person that their constituents actually elected be de-throned by CNN and National Review,” Olson and McSweeney write.

CNN does NOT decide elections

As a little background, Olson served as a member on a committee for the President’s Export Council. He was also a member of Ronald Reagan’s transition team back in 1980, and further worked as an official in the U.S. Department of Transportation.

McSweeney served as executive director of the Virginia Commission on State Government Management, as well as a law clerk at the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Both of these men are constitutional experts who have come to the conclusion that there is no way Biden legitimately won the election. There are simply too many unexplained anomalies and problems, most of which are being ignored or even scoffed at by the media and the Democrat establishment.

That fake news outlets like CNN have been quick to reject “significant evidence” of election fraud speaks volumes about their integrity. The good news, however, is that the media does not decide elections, and neither do corrupted voting machines, illegal voters or Twitter.

According to the United States Constitution, “total authority” has been vested to state legislators to select electors, or not. Whatever they decide, it is up to them to decide it, “not governors, secretaries of state, or pundits,” Olson and McSweeney emphasized.

In Arizona, for instance, the current vote spread, even with apparent fraud, is only about 10,000 votes. This is so minute that it would be remiss to just hand the state to Biden, especially when election “irregularities” in the state were rampant.

Olson and McSweeney note that some people voted twice in Arizona, while others voted from the grave. There were also illegal aliens who voted, along with people who no longer even live in Arizona.

“No state constitution, state law, or state court can alter or constrain that grant of power,” the duo notes about how state legislatures will, in fact, have the final election say, a process that has already been decided with precedent in the Supreme Court.

Not only that, but state legislatures have “a duty to thoroughly investigate the claims of fraud and ensure that a lawful election has taken place.”

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