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A woman driving by an anti-lockdown protest in Bend, Ore., completely flipped out, telling protestors “I’m a teacher!” and “kill yourself!”

Pulling up to the protest, she stopped her car, pulled down her mask, and leaned out the window, before shouting at the protestors.

“Bitch, kill yourself!” She screamed. “I’m a f—king teacher! I work at school! F—k you! F—k you! I am a f—king teacher! My students’ families are dying!”

The protestors chanted “USA” at her as she continued on her unhinged rant.

Once she becomes aware that she’s being filmed, she waves and says “hi,” before continuing her rant and driving off.

The teachers union in Oregon had previously been involved in protests for Black Lives Matter, marching alongside health care workers and other public sector workers. Teachers marching for BLM identifies themselves by wearing red shirts.

Barry Cochran, an English and history teacher in Oregon, said at a protest in July, “I do feel like it is something that in the future kids are going to ask where were you and it’s very important that we stand for elevating all voices.”

Anti-mask and anti-lockdown protestors have been gathering in Oregon in recent weeks, including in front of Gov. Kate Brown’s house. In Bend, on Nov. 30, police were called on the protestors, who believe that their rights were more essential that Brown’s orders.

Brown has ordered that anyone who is outside of their home and unable to socially distance by at least six feet must wear a face mask.

Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel said a statement “My philosophy is content neutral, meaning, it applies to people who gather for ‘liberal’ causes and to people who gather for ‘conservative’ causes.”

“I encourage people to wear masks and maintain social distance,” he wrote, “so we can save lives, save businesses, and save parent’s sanity by getting kids back to school.”

Hummel said that he would not file charges against the protestors despite believing that “The governor’s mask mandate is constitutionally sound.”

“However,” he wrote, “if the mandate is applied to situations in which the public gathers to exercise a constitutional right (in this case, to assemble to redress their government), it would create a conflict between the lawful mask law and the constitutional right that is being exercised.

“How should such legal conflicts be resolved?  As long as people who gather to exercise a constitutional right are not violent or destructive when doing so, I generally defer to protecting their constitutional rights over the enforcement of any statutory violations they may commit while exercising their rights.”

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