Inconsistencies always trip up liars, this is why law enforcement will often separate suspects during interrogations. In the case of the massive election fraud scandal that has broken out in Georgia, the national socialist media is desperately trying to cover for their comrades while providing a reasonable explanation for what happened in view of everyone.

The problem for them is that there is no reasonable explanation. The superficial denials fall apart in light of the surrounding facts leading back to the inescapable conclusion that this was election fraud.

Separating the issues: What happened and what to do about it

Often in these situations, leftists and the national socialist media [but we repeat ourselves] like to tie these two issues together in order to hamstring investigations into election theft. Keeping them rhetorically handcuffed together means you can’t look into fraud without considering its implications.

We reject this assertion, these are clearly two different issues. Tying them together makes it easier to perpetrate these crimes. It should be a simple matter of one being an investigation while the other is a question of what to do after said investigation is completed. Both matters do not have to be concurrently considered.

This will be about the question of what happened instead of what to do about it. More specifically, how the false ‘fact checks’ helped prove that this was election fraud and there was no reasonable explanation for what happened – despite the propaganda onslaught.

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Why the cover-up is often worse than the initial crime

In the case of the massive election fraud scandal that has broken out in Georgia, we’re just supposed to accept ‘fact checks’ at face value as being perfectly reasonable. We are suddenly supposed to bestow unlimited trust to the same media sources that have lied on myriad scandals over the years. Denying that they have any personal stake in the outcome, giving them carte blanche to spin events in whatever way they see fit.

Partisan operatives posing as ‘objective’ media fact-checkers are blithely dismissing prima facie evidence of election fraud accompanied by sworn affidavits by witnesses of the events . The same media that is conducting a propaganda operation now wants us to deny what we are seeing.

In an interview recently, Rudy Giuliani asserted that this fraud was only in a few locations with Democrat-dominated court systems. This destroys both the ‘widespread’ and ‘lawsuit’ talking points perpetrated by the left. Rigging the election didn’t have to take place everywhere – hence it didn’t have to be ‘widespread’ as is the falsehood. It only had to be in a few select places with courts favorable to the left. Thus, we see why leftists incessantly parrot these talking points ad nauseam. In the case of the Georgia election fraud, we see that it was carried out by a handful of operatives after the observers were sent away. No widespread ‘conspiracy‘ was necessary.

Questions on the Georgia election fraud video

Before we examine the cover-up by the alleged ‘fact-checkers’ of the misinformation media, we need to set up several questions for consideration on the video and the circumstances surrounding it.

  • Why did they announce they were halting the count at 10:30 PM?
  • Why did partisan ‘fact-checkers’ claim that Poll Watchers Were NOT Told To Leave?
  • Why did the news crews and observers leave at a certain time?
  • Why did a few people remain behind?
  • Why did those people feign inactivity while the observers were leaving?
  • Why did they resume activity when the observers were gone?
  • The same political asserted that the counting was supervised by officials, but in the WSB report the officials weren’t present
  • Why did they resume counting ballots that were literally concealed under a table?
  • What was the chain of custody of those ballots in question?
  • Why did the observers have to contend with security in going back into the counting center?
  • Why did they suspiciously only count for an extended time period?

Why did they announce they were halting the count at 10:30 PM?

According to the AJC, the video evidence, and the sworn affidavits, ballot counting was to be halted at 10:30 PM. That was the reason the election observers and news crews left the roped off area in the arena. This was cited in the report on the alleged ‘pipe burst’ story in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Fulton County election results delayed after pipe bursts in room with ballots.

A broken water pipe at the ballot processing site at State Farm arena caused a delay in Fulton County’s ability to process thousands of absentee-by-mail votes Tuesday night.

They planned to stop scanning absentee ballots at 10:30 p.m. and pick it up back in the morning. No official could explain before press time why Fulton was stopping its count of absentee ballots at that time, only saying that was the procedure.

[Emphasis Added]

Why did the partisan ‘fact-checker’ claim that Poll Watchers Were NOT Told To Leave?

Strangely enough, partisan ‘fact check’ organizations have a different story in which Poll Watchers Were somehow NOT Told To Leave.

Fact Check: Video From Georgia Does NOT Show Suitcases Filled With Ballots Suspiciously Pulled From Under A Table; Poll Watchers Were NOT Told To Leave

Two high-level officials with the Georgia secretary of state’s office and a state elections board monitor each told Lead Stories that their investigations revealed nothing suspicious in the video.

The media and party observers were never told to leave because counting was over for the night, but they apparently followed workers who left once their job of opening envelopes was completed, the chief investigator for the secretary of state told Lead Stories.

Surveillance tape breeds false fraud claims in Georgia

THE FACTS: The video doesn’t show evidence of fraud, much less the “SMOKING GUN” evidence that Trump’s legal team claims on social media.

No one told observers they had to leave, and both an independent monitor and an investigator oversaw the vote count, according to state and county officials.

Why did a few people remain behind?

Why did those people feign inactivity while the observers were leaving?

This can be clearly seen in the visual evidence.

That is contradicted by the story spun in the WSB-TV article that attempted to unsuccessfully ‘debunk’ the election fraud story: Georgia election officials show frame-by-frame what happened in Fulton surveillance video.

They pick up the tale in reference to trying to explain the presence of containers of ballots under the table:

At 10 p.m., with the room full of people, including official monitors and the media, video shows ballots that had already been opened but not counted placed in the boxes, sealed up and stored under the table.

The reason? Employees thought they were done for the night.

“They were closing things up and getting ready to leave,” Watson said.

Except, that didn’t include everyone.

Why did they resume activity when the observers were gone?

At this point, we’re all just supposed to trust that the left wouldn’t do something nefarious under the table in the middle of the night. Even though the factual, visual, and sworn affidavits prove that they literally did something nefarious under the table in the middle of the night.

Two of the false ‘fact-check’ pieces failed to address this critical fact, the WSB-TV chalked this up to ‘confusion’:

Media and observers left as employees packed up. But Fulton’s election director called a supervisor at State Farm a few minutes later, telling them to keep counting after the Secretary of State’s office called and said they shouldn’t stop counting for the night so early.

What was the chain of custody of those ballots that were stored under the table in question?

Why did they resume counting ballots that were literally stored under a table?

Again, we’re all just supposed to accept the word of our benevolent overlords of the misinformation media in explaining away any of our concerns we have for election fraud, free and fair elections, and the future of our nation and just take their word that nothing untoward took place. Even though prima facie the evidence staring us in the face is that something untoward took place.

Perhaps that is why they tend to skip over this part of the tale hand waving about normal procedures and disparaging talk that this wasn’t an oceans eleven conspiracy – even though no one has even said as much.

Why did the observers have to contend with security in going back into the counting center?

Why did they suspiciously only count for an extended time period?

The word from the alleged ‘Fact-Checks’ is that the observers were essentially free to go or stay as they pleased. However, they were restricted from going back into the room later, why? This isn’t explained and in fact, this part of the tale is quite often glossed over.

This is an equally important part of the saga in that the same questions that plagued the beginning of the tale are also present at the end. If it was extremely important to keep on counting through the dark of night and the threats of water main breaks – or at least urinals overflowing – why did they stop?

Were they tipped off that the observers were coming back? Or did they know they accomplished their mission in the cover of darkness?

Why does the left keep on framing this issue in terms of widespread fraud and lawsuits?

While they try to maintain the pretense of being ‘objective’, the misinformation media can’t resist throwing in little editorial jibs that the video wasn’t a ‘smoking gun’ or an ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ level conspiracy. Although it was indeed a smoking gun video and no one – aside from the left – has talked about widespread conspiracies.

Similarly, they keep on repeating the same ridiculous canard that the evidence has to be part of a court case or it somehow isn’t valid. This of course is a preposterous assertion, the evidence stands on its own, no matter whether it’s part of a legal case.

We can clearly see from the video that it only took a few people to pull this off. One to dismiss the election observers and media and the rest to quickly scan ballots with an unknown chain of custody. This election theft didn’t take much in the way of implementation, only some complicity after the fact in covering up the crime.

The bottom line: Failure to debunk the written and visual evidence proves this was election fraud

Many of these facts were borne out in similar dissertations on the same subject:

That cited facts instead of simply making a few inconsistent assertions while demanding trust for the lot of the case. Both of those touched on the same errors and outright lies in the alleged ‘fact checks’.

It should be clear from all of this that the national socialist left should not be given the benefit of the doubt – far from it. Couple that with the fact that the misinformation media ignored the story – aside from ridiculing it as a ‘conspiracy theory’ of some sort. In a sense, they were given a chance to answer the charges leveled by the emergence of this video. That answer was manifestly inadequate, to say the least.

We are now several days into the emergence of this story, the left has failed to account for the questions raised by its disturbing images. That means we now have to ponder the second portion of the 2 part examination of electoral fraud issues – what to do about it.

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