HERON CITY, OR—Local father Bradley Wendell announced Thursday that he “just can’t wait” to find out what he got his kids for Christmas.

“Oh man, I hope it’s a Lego set,” he said as he shook a box under the tree labeled “To: Aiden, From: Dad.” “I’ve been wanting to build that X-Wing set forever.”

He went around the bottom of the tree, picking up every box and trying to figure out what he got each of his children for Christmas. “I’m pretty sure this one’s a video game,” he said as he picked up a small rectangular box that contained a Blu-Ray set of The Legend of Korra. “I think that’s something I would have gotten them.”

He then came across a light, larger rectangular box that didn’t rattle when he shook the package. “Aww, man! Clothes!” he said disappointedly. “Why did I get him clothes? I can do better than that.”

At publishing time, he had started guessing what it is he got his wife for Christmas as well.

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