I assume that not a lot of people celebrate Kwanzaa, an entirely synthetic “holiday” that was invented in 1966. But that isn’t the worst of it: Kwanzaa’s inventor, Ron Karenga, is a horrible person who served four years in prison for imprisoning and torturing two women, and also was implicated in, although not convicted of, multiple murders. (Today, naturally, he is a college professor, supported by California taxpayers.) Moreover, the “seven principles” of Kwanzaa are essentially a celebration of collectivism. I guess that seemed cutting-edge in 1966.

One person who does observe Kwanzaa, allegedly, is Kamala Harris. She released this video in which she purports to recall the heartwarming inter-generational Kwanzaa celebrations of her childhood:

What are the chances that there is even a sliver of truth to Harris’s account? Many are skeptical. Steve Sailer says, “Pics or it didn’t happen.”

It’s possible, of course. Harris was born in 1964, so she was a child when Kwanzaa was concocted. What is striking to me is how insincere Harris seems in the video. To me, it appears that she is smiling, not at happy childhood memories, but at the idea that some rubes might actually fall for the tale she is spinning. Her patent lack of authenticity is a key reason why her presidential campaign crashed on takeoff, and she hasn’t become a more convincing story-teller in the time that has gone by since. Which is probably a good thing, given that she is likely to be president one of these days.

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