“Journalists” in political mainstream media spend most of their professional time as mouthpieces for Democrats. But occasionally they put time in on behalf of Republicans who are in-line with the progressive cause. This is why people like Senator Mitt Romney are darlings to the press on a full-time basis while people like John Bolton bounce back and forth between being praised and pounced upon. It all depends on the narrative of the moment and stance of the target.

Vice President Mike Pence spends the vast majority of his time being a target for mainstream media. But we’ve seen over the last week a “softening” by the press over his “dilemma” of being the man who can put the final (though technically it won’t really be final) nail in President Trump’s political coffin when he presides over the joint session of Congress to count the electoral votes tomorrow. This softening bodes ill for the President, as Newsmax White House Correspondent Emerald Robinson noted earlier today:

If she is correct, then the Vice President, acting as President of the Senate during tomorrow’s joint session, will not take action against the six or more fraudulently selected and highly contested slate of electors. We’ve seen a swarm of articles supporting this contention; when mainstream media is in fluff-mode instead of attack-mode against a powerful Republican, they know something we don’t.

Articles range in topics from weeping over Pence’s predicament to declaring through all-mighty “fact checkers” that he wouldn’t have the power to reject electors even if he wanted to. And through it all, none of the major outlets are preparing at all for action because they believe, almost certainly based on sources within the Vice President’s own camp, that he will not take action.

Let’s break this down. First and foremost, and this cannot be said loudly enough, Pence DOES have the power to reject fraudulent electors. The muddiness of the Electoral Count Act of 1887 is open for interpretation, as is the limited information provided by the Constitution. On the other hand, precedent seems squarely on the side of the President of the Senate’s plenary power over the counting process. Any action he takes will be challenged in court, but that’s just another part of the process if he does choose to act on behalf of America.

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The key to all of this is that these electors were fraudulently selected, and that fraud manifested in every manner possible. The states themselves acted unconstitutionally with their unprecedented changes to the balloting system. Evidence of physical fraud is tremendous and continues to mount. Data analysis demonstrates beyond any doubt whatsoever that voter fraud was massive and exponentially favored former Vice President Joe Biden. In short, there is no universe in which these election results should be accepted in the United States of America.

Now, let’s look at the bright side. We could be wrong about Pence. Until it happens, it’s still in his court. Generally speaking, he seems like an honorable, patriotic, God-fearing man. For him to abandon his nation at its time of greatest need when he has the power to protect it would mean that he possesses none of these three traits. Based on what we’ve seen so far, particularly the propaganda coming from mainstream media the last few days, I would normally assume the worst. With Mike Pence, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt until he acts or fails to act.

The most important factor in all of this is the Constitution itself. Attorneys can debate the ECA and constitutional ambiguities all they want. His PR team can swear to him that the optics of him making any move on January 6th would be career-killing. His mild-mannered nature may make him want to go along to get along. But at the end of the day, the Constitution of the United States and the nation itself are under attack from enemies both domestic and foreign. Any other conclusion requires ignorance or complicity.

His oath to defend and support the Constitution is only superseded by his beliefs as a Christian. In this situation, as with nearly all that pertain to the Constitution and the Bible, there is no conflict between the two. Both should guide the Vice President to take action on January 6th.

Voter fraud changed the results of the election. This is unambiguous prima facie and only gets more compelling the deeper we dive into it. The election was stolen in defiance of the Constitution. Vice President Mike Pence must fulfill his oath.

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