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Charlotte, NC — As Congress met to perform the duty of certifying the Electoral College vote, a situation was developing outside. Mainstream media outlets immediately blamed those Trump supporters who had gathered in support of President Donald Trump and had marched to the US Capitol. Soon, videos were emerging of some smashing windows and storming the Capitol.

Photos of those who entered the Capitol were shared across social media. Videos confirmed that shots were fired and one woman has now lost her life.

While there were many patriots that attended the events in DC today, these events are bad. No doubt many will be arrested over the next few days. All of the Trump supporters did not take part in these actions, but the actions of a few will be used by the mainstream media to label all Trump supporters.

I am the first one to admit that I realize our country was founded through patriots that stood up to their government. They stood for what they believed in, fought for it, and many died for it. They were under a system where there were no checks and balances and there was no way to change the rules.

Many will argue we are back at another time such as this in our country now. Many will argue we are at a point that we should fight again. Fighting for what you believe in does not mean destroying property and buildings.

The problem is that this is the type of response that Americans have witnessed for months now from the left. As those on the left, such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa, stood for their beliefs, they were allowed to destroy buildings, businesses, homes, and several lost their lives.

Across the country, Democrats willingly allowed it to happen. They allowed these radical groups to protest and riot. They allowed them to set fire to cars and buildings. They allowed them to ruin lives. Many were speaking out against the violence at that time, including myself, saying that it must stop.

Instead, Democrats allowed it to happen. They allowed these groups to riot and destroy without any repercussions for their actions. They failed to hold them accountable.

Now the situation has changed. The fight has come to the front door of these elitist Democrats and they suddenly have an issue with violence once again. They suddenly favor law and order and ending “threats against duly elected representatives.”

Joe Biden took it a step further. He called the actions sedition and insurrection. He asked President Donald Trump to address the violence immediately and put an end to it. He said he should take to the television and ask people to stop.

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President-elect Biden addresses the nation:

Where were those statements a few months ago as extreme left-wing groups established autonomous zones in Seattle and Portland? Where were those statements as those same left-wing groups set historical buildings on fire in DC and destroyed businesses and property in New York City?

If you listen to the mainstream media and the left, this is all President Donald Trump’s fault. After all, he has incited all the violence across the country they say. They will claim he incited the violence in DC today. Even after he repeatedly asked for peace.

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Please support our Capitol Police and Law Enforcement. They are truly on the side of our Country. Stay peaceful!

We do not have to look far to find out why this violence happened around Washington, DC today. The example of violence was put in place by Antifa and Black Lives Matter. They displayed what a “peaceful protest” looks like, and these extremists on the other side of the aisle followed that example.

Thousands of patriots marched in DC today to show their support for election investigations, true representation, and more, but that is not what it will be remembered for. History will remember today as the day a few hundred “radical right-wing extremists” stormed the Capitol in an act of “insurrection.”

Big Decision Day In America

It’s January 6th, 2021, the day that Congress will meet to vote on certifying the Electoral College results. It’s a day that President Trump and conservatives have been looking to for some time. There are many opinions as to what may happen today.  Most mainstream outlets will tell you that it does not seem likely anything happens.

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