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President-elect Joe Biden claimed on Thursday, without evidence, that rioters who stormed the US Capitol Building were treated with more restraint than Black Lives Matter protesters would have been in the same situation.

One of those who stormed the Capitol, an army veteran who supported President Trump, was shot dead.

“I got a text from my granddaughter,” Biden said. “She sent me a photo of military people in full military gear, scores of them lining the steps of the Lincoln Memorial because of a protest by Black Lives Matter. She said ‘pap, this isn’t fair.’ Nobody can tell me that if it had been a group of Black Lives Matter protesting yesterday, they wouldn’t have been treated very very differently.”

“We all know it’s true, and it’s totally unacceptable,” he continued.

Police responded to the breach of the Capitol by rioters with tear gas and dozens of arrests. One woman, Ashli Babbit, was shot dead by police inside the halls of the building. The National Guard arrived within hours and the remaining protesters were forced out of the building.

In Minneapolis over the summer, police stood by as hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage were inflicted upon innocent businesses, with many of them being burned to the ground entirely.

Much of the rioting was committed by members of Antifa, who Biden has previously defended as “just an idea.” It took days for the National Guard to be fully deployed to quell the situation.

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