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Fox News host Tucker Carlson took to the air yesterday to share his thoughts on the mob of Trump supporters who broke into the Capitol building.

“What happened today will be used by the people taking power to justify stripping you of the rights you were born with as an American. Your right to speak without being censored, your right to assemble, to not be spied upon, to make a living, to defend your family. Most critically. These are the most basic and ancient freedoms that we have there,” he said.

Carlson spoke about 35-year-old Ashli Babbitt, who was shot and killed in the capitol. Tucker described the scene and then talked about what can be learned from this. Saying “So what can we learn from this? It’s not enough to call it a tragedy, imagine for a second, getting the call and learning that was your daughter. The last time you spoke to her, she was heading to Washington for a political rally, now she’s dead, you’ll never talk to her again.”

Tucker then condemned political violence, which has plagued America for over six months. “Imagine that if you have children, it will put you in the right frame of mind, that’s what we’re watching. And we may be watching a lot more of it in the coming days. Political violence begets political violence, that is always true. It is an iron law.”

“It never changes. And we have to be against that no matter who commits the violence or under what pretext, no matter how many self-interested demagogues are, as the violence is justified or necessary as they have been assuring us, lying to us for the past six months. We have a duty to oppose all of this.”

Tucker also said that no one has benefited from what has happened today, but on the contrary, people died. “No good person will live a happier life because that girl was killed in the hallway of the Capitol today. So our only option as a practical matter is to fix what is causing this in the first place.”

America has been extremely divided for the last four years, due to a variety of factors. However, Tucker says that it is time for people to Americans to learn to coexist again. Adding “We don’t have a choice. You may have nothing in common with the people on the other side of the country. Increasingly you probably don’t. But you’re stuck with them. The idea that groups of Americans will somehow break off into separate peaceful nations of like-minded citizens. That’s a fantasy that will not happen.”

“There is no such thing as a peaceful separation, there never has been, and there won’t be the two hemispheres of this country are inseparably intertwined. They’re co-joined twins, neither can leave without killing the other. So that’s the first thing to know. As horrifying as this moment is we have no option, but to make it better, to gut it out.”

Tucker also said that is it important to think about why the woman who was shot was at the rally in the first place. “So why was she there on a Wednesday? Why were any of them there today? We ought to think about that. If you want to fix it, you have to think about that. The only reason this country is rich and successful is because for hundreds of years, we’ve enjoyed a stable political system.”

He went on to say that it is because many Americans feel like their democracy has been compromised, and that President Trump was cheated out of a second term. When people feel that their democracy is under threat, they do radical things to try and save it. “If people begin to believe that their democracy is fraudulent, if they conclude that voting is a charade, that the system is rigged, and it’s run in secret by a small group of powerful dishonest people who are acting in their own interests. Then God knows what could happen,” added Tucker

Tucker also took the time to condemn Democrat and some Republican leaders who are dismissing those who share concerns about the legitimacy of the election, saying that their concerns need to be addressed, not ignored.

“You can dismiss them as crazy. You can call them conspiracy theorists. You can kick them off Twitter, but that won’t change their minds rather than trying to change their minds, to convince them and reassure them that the system is real, that the democracy work as you would do, if you cared about the country or the people who live here, our new leaders will try to silence them.”

Tucker finished his monologue by stating that every elected official must take something away from what happened today. “As we said, and we’ll say it again, we are horrified it’s wrong, but if you don’t bother to pause and learn a single thing from it, from your citizens, storming your Capitol building, then you’re a fool.”

“You lack wisdom, and you lack self-awareness you have no place running a country. We got to the sad, chaotic date for a reason. It is not your fault. It is their fault.”

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