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Charlotte, NC — We have all seen many interesting videos from the Capitol today as chaos erupted around the certification of Electoral College votes. Soon after Congress got started, rioters entered the Capitol and started causing issues. If you simply believe the mainstream media’s story, all of these “Trump supporters” were causing issues.

There is no denying that there was a shooting, as one woman from California lost her life. Reports are that there were three others that suffered medical emergencies and also died. We saw videos of windows being smashed and doors being bashed.

As the old saying goes, there are always two sides to every story and that is certainly the case here.

One Twitter user shared a video which shows Capitol police removing the barriers and inviting those attending to come forward. Another user shared a video that shows Capitol police taking pictures with those who were entering the building.

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Capitol Police taking selfies with those “dangerous” protestors.

This is obviously a different situation that the pictures and images that we see from the mainstream media. They quickly shared images of those who were destroying property and causing issues.

Many are suggesting on social media that it was actually Antifa that was present and causing the riots to start. The actions that were performed were similar to what Antifa has done in areas across the country. One user shared the following image online.

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Democrats use Antifa to storm the Capitol in our name & now Republicans just abandon us & certify what we know to be a lie??

The images certainly look convincing that these people are far from the normal Trump supporters. Many Trump supporters on the ground that we witnessed online said that they remained outside the Capitol. Those I spoke with that said they entered shared the same peaceful story as shown in the video above. They spoke of talking and singing.

Another video was shared that shows Trump supporters stop these attempting to destroy property. The video clearly shows someone going put to an individual beating the glass and trying to stop it from happening.

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OMG! BUSTED! Video shows Trump supporters stopping & pulling away Antifa men from breaking the Capitol windows. Trump supporters are heard yelling out “That’s Antifa!!!” Dems set us up & GOP just threw us under the bus over a trap. Surreal! Wow!

The left knows exactly what they are doing. They shared the videos and helped push a narrative of violent rioters, but that’s simply not true. This was not thousands of rioters entering the Capitol, it was a select few that were causing issues.

Now, they will continue to attack President Donald Trump. Reports are that they want to impeach him or invoke the 25th Amendment, placing the full blame on the shoulders of the President. Even though it seems that the Trump supporters were not the bad actors that the mainstream media is trying accuse them of being.

Big Decision Day In America

It’s January 6th, 2021, the day that Congress will meet to vote on certifying the Electoral College results. It’s a day that President Trump and conservatives have been looking to for some time. There are many opinions as to what may happen today.  Most mainstream outlets will tell you that it does not seem likely anything happens.

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