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Tucker Carlson called out mainstream media’s hypocrisy and elitism on their response to riots over the summer, which they condoned, and their response to Wednesday’s violence in the Capitol.

“Our media class wants you to know that what happened [on Wednesday] at the capital was domestic terror,” Carlson said in a sarcastic tone. “‘It was a MAGA terror insurrection,'” he said in imitation, “‘So we thought we had to replace cops with social workers, but not at Capitol Hill because that’s where the politicians live.”

“The media didn’t always think that violent political protests were a big deal, in fact last year when BLM was destroying our cities, torching places like Kenosha and Minneapolis, riots were positively romantic, they were ‘the language of the unheard.'”

Carlson played a number of clips of mainstream media figures claiming riots to be “the language of the unheard,” a reference to Martin Luther King Jr. who said that riots, while counterproductive, would predictably result from ignoring pressing political issues. King was the leader of an incredibly effective and necessary Civil Rights movement. But that was 50 years ago.

“What’s really amazing is that the rest of us sat by… and let people say crap like that on television justifying violence, the murder of a lot of people, as if it was totally normal,” Carlson continued.

“But the point today is that all of a sudden, this is not the language of the unheard, these are people who are unheard for a good reason, they should just shut up and go to prison or be shot to death. What to make of all this?”

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