We’ve heard tons of theories about why the left is taking down conservative accounts through Big Tech. Many believe it’s out of concern for what President Trump and his supporters will reveal, particularly about voter fraud. They don’t really believe he caused the Capitol riots despite the narrative they’ve universally embraced. Others think it’s just them being vindictive; with nothing to fear they’re just living out what they’ve dreamt of doing for the last four years. Regardless of the theory, they all seem to come down to politics. This is inaccurate.

Sure, useful idiots like Twitter’s Jack Dorsey and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg may believe it’s all political. Or, they may be privy to the truth, which is this: Suppressing conservative voices is preparation for ramping up their war against the faithful, specifically Christians. As much as many of us would like to believe this is just them being petty as they prepare to prop up a Biden-Harris administration, it’s not. At the highest levels of powers and principalities, this is about sealing off channels of communication as they begin their plans to take down the Church.

There is no other logical reason for them to go on the attack now. They won. They cheated to win, but their plan was so complete and their conspiracy was so widespread that the truth, apparently, has lost out. Granted, I’m still at 50/50 that President Trump will win simply because it is now completely in God’s hands. Patriotic men and women, despite our best efforts, were unable to “stop the steal.” And yes, there are still plays being made, particularly with the “Italian connection.” But we’ve entered the timeframe in which anything that can correct the election must be considered a miracle.

But if we assume the current path towards complete Democrat control in Washington DC is realized, and if we also assume the left believes that is the unpreventable outcome in 11 days, then why are they fighting so hard to quash conservatives and remove President Trump a week ahead of schedule? The answer is because they are still doing the bidding of the forces of evil, and that bidding has very little to do with politics. Control in DC wasn’t the goal. It was a step towards their true goal of weakening the potential for faith to remain strong and for the Gospel to spread.

Our religious liberties are going to be attacked with everything they have starting January 21st if Joe Biden is, indeed, inaugurated. This is why it disgusts me when people tell me to avoid political discussions and focus solely on “revival” or spreading the Word. The people who make such short-sighted arguments haven’t read their Bibles enough. Throughout, opposition to religious persecution and suppression of the Biblical worldview were paramount. Only Jesus Himself could rise above the secular concerns of politics, and even He allowed for tribute when it became necessary… but only a tribute in its related form.

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There’s a very good writeup about rendering unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s on Oak Ridge Baptist Church’s website:

In Matthew 22, we read that a group of Pharisees confronted Jesus and asked for a yes or no answer on whether it was lawful to pay taxes to Caesar, the Roman emperor. Jesus responded by asking whose face was engraved on the coins used to pay the taxes. When they answered it was Caesar’s face, Jesus replied with the now-famous verse, “Then render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s” (Matthew 22:21 NASB).

This short story about paying taxes has been interpreted in multiple different ways, none of them very satisfactory. Nearly every political viewpoint has attempted to justify themselves using this verse. However, the ultimate explanation is far less about taxes and more about how we relate to the government vs. how we relate to God. A closer examination of this story will reveal its true meaning.

The Image on the Coin

In ancient times, an image on an object showed ownership. Since the Roman emperor also viewed himself as a god, some Jews objected to paying taxes with Roman money, calling it idolatry. By acknowledging the image of Caesar but not condemning it, Jesus confirms that this perspective was flawed. Caesar’s right to claim taxes was backed up by his image appearing on Roman money. The image was not a demand for worship, just a demonstration of ownership.

Correcting the People’s Perspective

As Jesus often did, He turned the discussion from the initial question to the more deep-seated issues behind it. The second part of His answer, to give “to God what is God’s”, serves as a reminder to focus on our relationship with God. Whether the Jewish audience paid their taxes or not, it was more important for them to focus on honoring their own “image”–the image of God that every human carries. Like the image of Caesar, the image of God suggests ownership of us. It’s far more important to make sure we’re pleasing God than the human government.

What This Doesn’t Mean

This story, sometimes in conjunction with Peter’s declaration to obey God rather than man, is often used to justify the notion that the church and the government have little to no positive relationship. While the American government and church have historically had some fights, Jesus definitely promoted an attitude of respect and honor toward the government. This respect takes the form of obeying the law, paying taxes, and honoring our elected representatives. Remember, the government in Jesus’ day was totalitarian and ruled by a dictator. Even if we don’t like our current political leaders, citizens placed them there through fair and open elections. If even the Roman government deserved the Jews’ respect, our much more fair government deserves ours.

Our Relationship to the Government

It’s difficult to formulate an exact method for Christians to relate to the government. Not every law passed is moral, and not every government official deserves our respect. The Bible itself records instances where rebels are commended for resisting or overthrowing a wicked ruler. But just as we can’t use the Bible to justify unconditionally obeying everything the government says, we likewise can’t use the Bible to justify the complete opposite behavior. Whatever conclusion you come to should be reached through much thought and prayer about the proper way to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.

This article, written in 2019 during much saner times, viewed American government in a positive light. What we are seeing already before the next government is installed is the opposite. They are coming after us, not just as conservatives but more importantly because a large chunk of us are Christians. The political attacks are a smokescreen for the endgame. Their true motives are and always have been to dismantle our religious liberties.

It was decided by academics at the Frankfurt School in the early years of the 20th century that the reason the predictions of Karl Marx failed to come true was because he underestimated something. He felt that economic evolution and political revolution were on the verge of happening, perhaps in his lifetime. He was convinced communism would become the prevailing force behind all nations. When it didn’t happen, the Frankfort School spent a great deal of time and energy trying to understand why.

Their conclusion: Faith. They believed that adherence to religious precepts prevented the Marxist dream from coming true. That is why their development of Neo-Marxism in the decades that followed is culminating with what we’re seeing today. The last obstacle to realizing Neo-Marxism as a global system is religion, especially Christianity. This is why the push for “The Great Reset” and the conspiracy to elect Joe Biden are happening at the same time.

This is also why it is foolish to detach our faith from the world, including politics. The Christians who condemn those who are engaged in politics aren’t sitting in a cave living a monk’s life, reading their Bibles or praying every waking moment with the occasional break to eat a locust that happens upon them. They are still working, watching television, playing games, Tweeting, or doing whatever it is they do to spend their waking moments. To object to fighting for our religious liberties, whether through elections or activism, is hypocrisy. And the saddest part is these are the people who will object vehemently to any such claims of unrighteousness.

We must fight for our freedoms as Christians, just as so many in the Bible did. Moses didn’t oppose Pharaoh and call for God’s people to be free because the people were pitied. He was told to tell Pharaoh to let His people go so they could worship Him. We are on the verge of being in a similar state of religious oppression where our rights are hampered. No, I don’t think we’re going to be slaves (God forbid) but any hindrance to worship is a form of oppression. And as Pharaoh Biden’s digital armies surround us, there are still those who claim we need to detach from politics and just focus on revival. When revival is outlawed—and that’s the direction this nation is headed politically—will those calling to discard political battles finally realize that spreading the Gospel includes maintaining our rights to do so?

No, they probably won’t. They’ll just find someone else to blame.

We did not understand the scope of the adversary’s plan before. We probably still don’t understand it even now. But we now know it’s vast and our options are quickly being limited. How far are we willing to go to protect our liberties?

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