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( Exclusive) – Welcome to the communist takeover—violent thugs marching in the street under the protective shield of a completely silent mainstream media complex and police departments forced into complicity.

You’ve surely been hearing plenty about the criminal actions of a relatively small group of Trump supporters who rioted through the halls of Congress on Wednesday in the midst of an otherwise peaceful protest to the certification of the Electoral College votes naming Joe Biden as President-elect.

Of course, the same media who rediscovered the terms “riot” and “mob” were unaware of such phrases during the summer when far-left groups raged through the streets of America’s major cities, causing billions in damage and the loss of several lives.

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Just this weekend, Antifa was on the streets of New York, marching in riot gear and shouting that they were “our mother*ckin streets!” and yet the media has been entirely silent.

They were there Sunday in anticipation of a rumored MAGA march at Columbus Circle.

Are these not completely chilling images?

Where is the outrage?

Plenty of Republicans have denounced the violence and criminal actions of those protesters who engaged in the chaos on Wednesday—but we also all know that there were at least a few members of far-left groups dressed in MAGA gear there as well.

These people are openly looking for a fight.

Yet it’s only the pro-Trump mobs that get denounced and demonized while the black-clad terrorists who have been running amok in our streets for years virtually entirely unaddressed by anyone other than Trump and a handful of GOP politicians go entirely ignored.

It’s disgusting.


“If Trump supporters were marching through the streets in riot gear claiming to own the public space, left-wing reporters would light their hair on fire,” The Gateway Pundit cleverly notes.

Meanwhile, a female reporter was assaulted—can you imagine if a female reporter was assaulted by a pro-Trump crowd?!

We’d hear about it for weeks!

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