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( Exclusive) – The attempt to purge all memory or even mention of President Donald Trump’s time in office as the 45th President of the United States continues.

This is getting crazier and crazier.

As Twitter banned Trump—still a sitting president, by the way—from the network for good and Amazon shut down an alternative social media network founded in part by his supporters, Democrat members of Congress seek to punish him and his followers.

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They’re impeaching him—again—and with hardly more than a week left in his official term.

They’re trying to censure his supporters and get them added to the no-fly list, while other lawmakers seek to classify MAGA rallies as acts of “domestic terrorism.”

Welcome to the resistance.

Democrat Rep. Linda T. Sánchez (CA) announced plans to introduce a bill which would outlaw naming anything after the “traitor” President Trump following the events at Capitol Hill last week.

“I am working on a bill that would mean that nothing — not even a bench, no airport, no highway, no school — nothing – ever bear the name of this traitor,” she told People on Monday.

“I don’t think that he deserves any of the benefits that are conferred on prior presidents,” she added.

“I don’t believe that a seditious occupant of the White House should have ever have anything named after him.”

She also revealed she had signed on to the articles of impeachment which were introduced by House Democrats on Monday.

In them, President Trump had been accused of “inciting a riot.”

“Given that those around Trump have never stood up to him, I have a hard time believing that they will meet this moment with the, with the appropriate response,” she declared. “So we have also, I have also signed on to articles of impeachment to try to remove him.”

Just think of how hysterical, censorial, and tyrannical the progressive left has been with Trump in office.

What is going to become of conservatives and patriots when they assume power?

Copyright 2020.

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