At a time when they should be attempting reconciliation with the rest of the nation, the fascist left is dumping fuel on the flames. Why? Could it be that they have learned from last week that they get what they want when they provoke violence?

It’s a staple of whenever the pro-liberty right wins an electoral contest that the nation’s socialist media begins talk of ‘bipartisanship’, reaching across the aisle and tempering our tone. Because whenever we win, we must immediately compromise with the nation’s socialist left, at least according to the nation’s socialist media.

Contrast that with the present situation where the left has a minimal majority and had to cheat to achieve it and they act as they have a landslide mandate. Even worse, they are working overtime to do whatever they can to provoke us with ridiculous impeachment trials and ‘armed protest marches’.

They conveniently seem to forget their insurrection projection along with all of the times they marched on the Supreme Court and threatened the White House, Not to mention the months and months of violence from the ‘imaginary’ fascist “anti-fascists”.

Obvious false flag operation is obvious

Sometimes our ‘comrades’ on the nation’s socialist left are too clever by half. Did they really think that we would all buy into an “Armed” protest march would be a good idea after what happened last week? But apparently, that is the case.

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Initially, we didn’t have too much information on this aside from a few image defunct image references that were thankfully taken down along with mentions in the national socialist media in connection to the FBI warning of this taking place. Then there didn’t seem to be much about this until most in the pro-freedom community took notice of this in light of what happened a week ago:

There is something odd about the poster for this ‘event’

Strange thing is, the more you examine the poster for the ‘armed protest’, the more you notice how odd is it – especially with its alleged source being the ‘far-right’ as asserted.

  1. Colors. This is the first thing that strikes most people. Instead of being the traditional shades of red white and blue, it’s primarily bright red and yellow – noted by Glenn Beck as the colors of the flag of China. It’s a very dark blue instead of the blue found in the Star-Spangled Banner or the Trump flags.
  2. Graphical design. Many have noted that this looks a lot like something produced by the left, given its use of angled text and space.
  3. Common leftist tropes. Destruction of democracy instead of a representative republic, a common leftist trope. Parenthetically speaking, this is really about the cause of liberty and individual rights. But there is no mention of President Trump.
  4. An Armed March after last week – are they insane! They purpose the insane idea of an armed marched after the events of last week – only the left in agitating false flag violence would think this is a good idea.
  5. Clever stand-ins for socialist symbology. The Statute of Liberty is a clever stand-in for the socialist upraised fist. Other images feature flower imagery recalling the socialist rose, almost as if the left is subliminally indicating the source.
  6. No organizational name. There is no organization name associated with the poster, who is putting this together? Who is going to take the credit – or the blame?
  7. Only posted on Parler? It was suspiciously only posted on Parler just before it was shut down. This was it for a supposedly nation-wide effort?
  8. Where are the other posters and postings? Again, this is supposed to be a record-breaking event, and no one is producing any PR on the effort?
  9. Limited media presence. All of this taken together should raise red flags with everyone – beginning with the insane idea of an armed march at this point.

Couple this with the fact that it has no organization behind it or media presence should point to a small group trying to limit its exposure in perpetuating this false flag operation.

The bottom line: Don’t take the bait

It should be obvious that the only people fanning the flames right now are the anti-freedom fascists of the national socialist left. They are the only ones pushing the ridiculous waste of the people’s money on another useless impeachment. They are the ones pushing all kinds of ‘cleansing’ programs when the best course of action would be to let things cool down. Thus it is likely they are also behind this false flag operation in an attempt to exploit the current strife to destroy as much of our common sense human rights as they can.

There is no reason to participate in one of these ‘armed’ protests unless you are all in favor of having everyone’s guns confiscated. The reaction of law enforcement, the media, and the pro-liberty right shows they are against this kind of insanity, so there is no reason to take the bait so we lose our rights.

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