Another liberal outsider at the Capital protest turned Antifa riot was arrested yesterday.  Aaron Mostofsky, a registered Democrat joins Antifa and other impersonators identified at the Capital on January 6th. 

Another radical at the Capital last week was arrested yesterday. He is a registered Democrat:

TRENDING: House Impeaches President Trump with 232-197 Vote – 10 Republicans Join Democrats and Vote in Favor of Impeachment

Mr. Mostofsky is a 34 year old registered Democrat and the son of a New York Judge.  He is seen in the picture above dressed in fur, carrying a stick and wearing a bullet proof police vest he had stolen.  Mostofsky is standing beside the man who carried a Confederate flag into the event.  This indicates they possibly knew each other and both appear to be outsiders.

It’s unknown if Mostofsky is a member of Antifa who was clearly leading the violent activities at the Capitol.

“Antifa Clearly Led the Attack. That Was Utterly Obvious.” – Award Winning Journalist Michael Yon On the Capitol Protest

As time goes by, the violent criminal activity in the Capitol continues to be related to radical liberal outsiders at the event.  This really comes as no surprise.

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