The Left is beside themselves today after they had to deal with pro-Trump protesters in state capitals. These are the same people who didn’t care at all when Antifa and Black Lives Matter were setting fires to cars, stores, ICE buildings, and so on.

Thousands of police and National Guard were deployed to State Capitols fearing violence after the Capitol aberration. When President Trump tried to have them deployed during the summer leftist riots, the governors and mayors acted like he was a raging dictator.

Ahead of the protests, Chuck Todd was scared:

There wasn’t much going on but an army was ready to greet them.

The Boogaloo Bois protested. We keep hearing they’re right-wing but they’re socialists. So, how does that work? Also, quite a number of them don’t like DJT. They don’t like Democrats either.
No violence!

And that’s a wrap:

Thank God they sent out the troops and armored trucks for this lass.

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