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In an era when Big Tech has gone “full totalitarian” – from permanently banning Donald J. Trump and his closest allies, to killing off any social-media competitors – WND is currently under greater attack than ever by these “lords of the internet,” who want to destroy the oldest independent news website.

But we have a solution.

First, a few of the latest assaults:

  • Since early September, Facebook has massively suppressed WND’s traffic – down to about 10% of what it was previously on Facebook. This hurts us tremendously. When asked repeatedly why WND has been put in “Facebook jail,” the social media giant’s reps offer no reason.
  • During the same period, three major online advertising companies – TripleLift, AppNexus/Xander and Teads – all simultaneously “canceled” their engagement with WND, citing vague breaches of their terms of service (one company said WND engages in “hate speech”), which has seriously reduced the ad revenue on which we rely to fund WND’s operation and pay our journalists.
  • Google has written WND out of its search algorithm so thoroughly that unless you specify “” in your search terms, a WND story rarely shows up.

TRENDING: ‘Impeach Barack Obama’: Lindsey Graham suggests liberals’ worst nightmare

Many other examples abound, but you get the idea.

Fortunately, although Big Tech, Big Advertising and Big Media are all “canceling” WND in every way imaginable, there is one more “Big” thing that has NOT suppressed, canceled and de-platformed us. And that’s you, WND’s Big Readership.

With so many powerful forces trying to take us down, WND is turning to our loyal readers to partner with us in various ways. We’ve been moving in this direction for a while – and you have been responding, especially with your generous donations, your subscriptions to our terrific monthly Whistleblower magazine and purchases from our online store.

But now we’re launching something entirely new.

You can now become a “WND Insider” and read your favorite news site AD-FREE! Yes, you read that right! What’s more, depending on which level of WND Insider you choose, you will receive other great benefits, including our unique “WND: A Free Press for a Free People” mug, as well as generous store discounts and more.

What’s at stake

For those who may be somewhat new to WorldNetDaily (WND): Since 1997, before almost all other online news sites even existed, WND has provided a desperately needed counterbalance to the one-sided, dishonest and ever more unhinged fake news media. WND is staffed by veteran professional journalists who, unlike most of today’s media, are unapologetically Christian, pro-American and pro-Constitution. In the last two decades, we have broken many huge stories, defended the Constitution, championed Americans’ God-given rights, boldly upheld the sanctity of life, exposed corruption and abuse, and endeavored to fulfill the Founding Fathers’ notion of a truly free press.

Today, with freedom of speech and the press under fierce and absolutely unprecedented assault by the Left, it is crucial that WND’s loyal readers, who appreciate and value our work, join with us so that we can continue to do the crucial job of a free press. Please help us – so we can help you.


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