The media couldn’t stress enough that the mob in Washington, D.C., a couple weeks ago was “mostly white,” presumably to compensate for the fact that we had just gone through seven months of violent Black Lives Matter riots. But anyone who looked at photos and video of what happened in D.C. on that day might have noticed there were a not insignificant number of black and brown faces in that crowd, too.

Could Trump’s most die-hard supporters all be a bunch of white supremacists if many of them were actually ethnic minorities?

According to liberals, yes!

The Washington Post on Friday ran an op-ed by New York University professor Cristina Beltran in which she claimed in earnest that the black people and Latinos who turned out in support of Trump were engaged in “multiracial whiteness.”

Now that you’ve stopped laughing, Beltran defined her made-up concept as “the promise” that minorities, like whites, “can lay claim to the politics of aggression, exclusion and domination.” They do this, she said, with the “persecution and dehumanization of others.”

Beltran went on further to describe minorities who supported Trump for “their desired approach to colorblind individualism.”

Once upon a time, “colorblind individualism” was otherwise known as “assimilation,” and it was something to aspire to in America. Now, though, liberals encourage minorities to spend every waking hour fantasizing about being oppressed, aggrieved, and victimized by white people.

For liberals, there is nothing that can’t be traced to the evils of being white, even if the line has to be boiled in a vat of stupid first.

Upon learning that Trump had increased his share of black, Latino, and gay voters in the 2020 election, New York Times liberal Charles Blow mused that it all “points to the power of the white patriarchy and the coattail it has of those who depend on it or aspire to it.”

It’s like watching one of those anti-drug commercials from the 1980s. This is the liberal brain on Trump. *Smashes egg*

Any questions?

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