Many of Joe Biden’s plans, and those of the leftists for whom he fronts, cannot be implemented in the next two years as long as the Senate filibuster remains in place. That’s why so many Democrats want to put an end to the filibustering of legislation.

With the Democrats holding 50 Senate seats plus the vice presidency, the possibility of ending the filibuster exists. But even one holdout Dem would eliminate that possibility until at least 2023.

Joe Manchin has said he favors retaining the filibuster. However, some question his commitment to that position.

Extensive use of the filibuster by Republicans will produce pressure on Manchin which might cause him to buckle. Biden has laid the groundwork for this development by saying that he will “take a look” at eliminating the rule dependent upon “how obstreperous [Republicans] become.” (Democrats, of course, use the filibuster to the max whenever they are in the minority.)

Fortunately, we no longer have to depend on Manchin. A spokesperson for Krysten Sinema says that the Arizona Senator is “against eliminating the filibuster, and she is not open to changing her mind.”

Speaking of changing one’s mind, I have changed mine about Sinema. I don’t enjoy confessing error, but I was wrong in 2018 to have characterized Sinema as a radical. She is not. Certainly, Sinema isn’t on our side, but she’s no rad.

I should have listened to several acquaintances with knowledge of Arizona politics, including our own Ammo Grrrl (Susan Vass), who had the right line on Sinema.

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