As Ronald Reagan liked to say, when politicians feel the heat, they see the light.

—News item: Looking increasingly likely Gov. Gavin Newsom will have to face a recall election this summer or fall.

—News item: Gov. Newsom calls for public schools to reopen “immediately.”

Chaser: From a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association back in November: “The decision to close US public primary schools in the early months of 2020 may be associated with a decrease in life expectancy for US children.”

Exit question: Why do Democrats and teachers unions hate children so much?

What’s behind the expose of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo? Normally you’d expect a tough pol like Cuomo to keep his troops in line, and not get blindsided by his health secretary Melissa DeRosa blurting out to legislators that Cuomo had falsified the number of COVID deaths in nursing homes, let alone face a firestorm now from his own party. My simple theory is that there are plenty of Democrats in New York who can’t stand Cuomo (quite aside from Major Warren “De Blasio” Wilhelm) and who would like to bring him down—either as a future presidential candidate or even his prospects for re-election to another term as governor next year. In other words, this is an inside job. Couldn’t happen to a nastier thug.

In a blatant capitulation to leftist demands for censorship, Amazon has stopped selling Ryan Anderson’s book When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment. You can still buy it directly from Encounter Books, and Ryan reports that the publicity from Amazon’s deplorable decision has actually given the book a sales bump—it has sold out on Barnes & Noble. (And needless to say, everyone should do their online book shopping from Barnes & Noble and boycott Amazon.)

I suspect there was a strong lobbying campaign directed at Amazon, possibly emanating from the Center for American Progress, to de-platform Ryan’s book. (In case you missed it, you can take in my podcast with Ryan from 2018 about the book here.)

For the time being, Amazon is still selling Abigail Shrier’s book Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters, but you should start your countdown clock to see how long before Amazon removes it, too.

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