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On Thursday night, Tucker Carlson was on his program on Fox News and he mentioned that crime, and especially violent crime, is sharply rising throughout the US, and asked why Congress and the media have nothing to even say about it.

“Americans are dying in huge numbers from street crime. No one in Congress cares. They’re too busy spending tax dollars to shield themselves from the QAnon Shaman and his 70-year old accomplices,” says Tucker at the beginning of the clip.

“According to an analysis by the intercept, last year, the year of BLM, we saw the largest recorded one-year rise in murders in American history.”

“Quote: ‘Data from nearly 12,000 law enforcement agencies released by the FBI, running through September, shows murders up 21 percent nationally.”

“We could give you many examples, and we will going forward, because it matters more than the QAnon shaman.”

Tucker then goes on to bring Richie McGinniss of the Daily Caller on the air, who was reporting live from Washington DC.

McGinniss shows two clips previously recorded, one at the Capitol itself where he talks to National Guardsmen. The guardsmen and the media are literally the only people present. “Things were eerily quiet down here,” reported McGinniss.

In the second clip, McGinniss shows a tent city very close to the Capitol and interviews one of the residents, who talks about the things they have had to endure. McGinniss mentions that he has seen this tent city spring up “over the last year”.

McGinniss continued, “Things outside of the Capitol fence not quite so pretty, and the people in DC are definitely suffering; I wish the media would pay more attention to that.”

To which Tucker responded, “I wonder if Michael McCaul [Rep. D-TX] notices as he walks to work. I guess they are not right-wing militia, so he doesn’t.”

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