KEN: MAGA. Remember when it all started, Make America Great Again? I mean, what a great slogan. And then remember all the different campaigns they plugged into it? You know, Make Energy Great Again, Make Trade Great — Again — and the icing on the cake was, President Donald J. Trump kept doing it. It is better. It is safer. And what was the first thing the news media did?

Well, they did what they always did. “That’s racist.” But it was absurd because it was such a great slogan, and it drove people that didn’t like America crazy. So we should not believe this slogan, ever, and I’m proud to wear it on my hat, but never in North Philly at 2 a.m. in the morning. I’ve never gone down the subway in North Philly when I used to work in Philly just a few years ago (laughing) with my MAGA hat on by myself, because that…

Look, that’s leftist territory, and there’s no room for debate. Besides, did you see now three or four western cities are rioting now? It’s something to do with the trial that’s going on in Minneapolis. But it’s just amazing how that is not being covered by the media, but the riots are pretty bad. They’re pretty bad, and they brought in the National Guard, and there’s already been some damage, and there’s been some fires.

But getting back to MAGA and the greatness of it, it’s crazy how we are so easily targeted for something that really isn’t bad. And that’s something that has always driven conservatives crazy. There’s nothing wrong with… For example, take this comment: Marriage is between a man and a woman. “How dare you!”

That’s what you get from the left. “How dare you say something like that!” What? How dare I reflect the majority of humanity in recorded time? And it’s the same with Make America Great Again. Why wouldn’t you want to? Why, if you’re on a football team, wouldn’t you want to make the team great? Why wouldn’t you want to make yourself great?

Look at the time and money and energy the Democrats and the left and socialists devoted to destroying a slogan that really encompassed everything that the Donald Trump movement still is, and I would argue now… I’m one of these people that thinks President Donald Trump is stronger now than he was six months ago.

But Rush has always believed that this agenda and what President Trump brought into the spotlight — because so many Republicans didn’t have the guts to do it, and then along comes President Trump — we must keep this going. Here’s Rush.

RUSH: If you think that “Republican” is a bad word and that the Republican Party’s reputation, image has been destroyed by the left and the Democrats, fine and dandy. Doesn’t matter to me. As long as it’s the agenda that remains understandable — you know, here’s the thing about agendas, political agendas. I’ve called your attention to this in terms of Reagan.

Reagan had a very, very understandable agenda. It was not complicated. And he could express it and advance it anywhere. It was referred to as the three-legged stool. Anti-communism, i.e., defeating the Soviet Union and China, rebuilding the American military and the American economy by way of tax cuts. Those were the three things that made up the Reagan agenda, no matter where he went, no matter what his labels were, whether he’s considered a conservative or a Republican or what have you.

The truth of the matter is that Republicans in Washington didn’t like Ronald Reagan. They thought of him much the same way that they think of Trump. Now, Reagan was not as bad as Trump in their viewpoint because Reagan was at least sophisticated. Reagan had been a governor. Reagan had political electoral experience. Trump was just a bear in a china shop. He was out of control. But whatever Trump calls himself party ID-wise to me is not relevant. It’s what his agenda is. And he still has the best agenda of any politician short of Reagan in my lifetime. Make America Great Again.

There’s a reason 75 million people voted for Trump. There’s a reason that when he made that trip down the escalator on June 5th of 2015 there is a reason that he had majority support in the Republican Party. And that is the people that voted for Trump know exactly what the left has been doing to our country. It has nothing to do race, it has nothing to do white supremacy, nothing to do white this or that. It has to do with the left destroying Western civilization, destroying the very the culture this country was built on, destroying constitutional morality and the rule of law.

It had nothing to do with race. It had nothing to do white people thinking their country was being taken away from ’em. Nothing to do with that at all. But that’s what the left says it was about. They never gave up on that. They’re wrong about it. But people were livid over this. They were livid being called racists. They were livid when they heard that they wanted to return to slavery. That’s what the Democrats are saying the Trump agenda was about. Just a crock. It was always about a great country. It was always about making America great again for everybody who lives here, for everybody who’s here legally. It was not complicated. Make America Great Again is not something that you need a PhD to understand. It is so simple, people glommed onto it like white on rice. They loved it. It’s why they’re still there. And they still believe it can happen, and it can.

The Trump MAGA agenda can succeed. It will succeed again the next time it’s implemented because it resonates with millions and millions of people. It’s gonna really resonate after two years of the Democrats tearing this country apart, which they’re gonna do. The Democrats are gonna tear this country apart, value by value, tradition by tradition, institution by tradition, they’re gonna tear it apart. They’re gonna make America long and hope and desire for the America of their youth, which was great, and there was nothing wrong with it.

There was nothing wrong with the Ozzie and Harriet version of America. There was nothing wrong with the Beaver Cleaver version of America. There was nothing wrong with America then. The Democrats are gonna make something wrong with America. They’re gonna turn it into something it was never intended to be. And the more they do that, the greater the opportunity we’re gonna have to make America great again. The Trump agenda will not die no matter what he calls it, Republican, independent, take your pick, doesn’t matter to me.

KEN: You know, the only thing I worry about is how much damage can the Democrats do? I mean, they can do so much damage in so little time. A great example is 1.9 trillion bucks with a pen. Obama would have used a phone ’cause he had a phone and a pen. So my hope is — and I agree with Rush. I believe people will awaken to this because there’s already 80 million plus that probably voted for Donald J. Trump.

As you know, not all the evidence is allowed to be seen yet, ’cause we’re all getting banned and censored. Do you know that someone tried to get to one of my pages today, and I was labeled as an extremist? Yeah! I couldn’t believe it. Yeah, nothing extreme. Nothing. Nothing. I’m just giving you a heads-up. This is how creepy things are getting on the left with keeping us from communicating.

Why on earth would someone be so afraid to make America great again? Because, like Rush said, everybody understands what that means. There is no hidden agenda in it. The hidden agendas are in the “equality” acts and the equal-time provisions. That’s where you find hidden agendas. There’s nothing hidden in Make America Great Again. Whether it’s your business, my business, your home, your family, your life, my life, make it great again. Make it better. Work together.

How simple can it be?

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