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Charlotte, NC — Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that President Joe Biden is going to sign an executive order to address gun control. She made the promise on Friday in her press briefing at the White House. She said that timing and legal review were the two things holding up her ability to commit to when those measures could be expected.

While many have suspected that Biden will take action to enforce additional background checks, Reuters seems to think that Biden will look at other measures as well. In a recent report, Reuters suggested Biden may have the ability to act on imported firearms and 3D-printed guns by executive order.

I have already shared how Democrats had the ability to pass a measure that would have prevented several shootings across the US. Sen’s Chuck Grassley and Ted Cruz introduced the legislation in 2013 that would target violent criminals and mentally ill, in return protecting law-abiding citizen’s Second Amendment rights. According to Grassley’s website, the bill would have:

Improve and reauthorize grants for NICS database;
Require federal courts to submit relevant information to NICS;
Ensure that relevant mental health records are submitted by states to NICS;
Condition federal grant money for states on their submission of mental health records to NICS;
Increase federal prosecution of gun violence by establishing the Nationwide Project Exile Program and establishing a high level federal task force;
Study of the causes of mass shootings; Responsibly addresses gun violence by criminalizing straw purchasing of firearms and gun trafficking;
Second Amendment Protections for Veterans;
Require the Department of Justice to explain to Congress why it has or has not been prosecuting gun cases;
Place Limitations on Fast & Furious type operations by DOJ;
Authorize FFL’s to utilize the NICS database to for voluntary background checks of employees;
Authorize FFL’s to access the FBI’s National Crime Information Center stolen gun database to ensure that a firearm is not stolen prior to acquisition;
Reauthorize the Mentally Ill Offender Treatment and Crime Reduction Act (MIOTCRA) with amendments;
Address school safety by Reauthorizes the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Secure our Schools Program through 2023.

Democrats did not like the fact that the bill would have targeted the criminals that commit the crimes. They prefer a method that targets anyone that may potentially want to own a firearm. So they decided to filibuster the bill.

Now, that they have control of the White House, they believe they can start the conversation about gun control and start to move the public ideas around gun control toward that goal. With their friends in the mainstream media, Democrats will continue to target ways Biden could act without congressional help. If they are already talking about 3D-printed firearms and imported firearms, you better believe those items are included in draft executive orders somewhere.

But would those measures have prevented the most recent mass shooting events? Would those measures have prevented the Colorado shooting, Atlanta shooting, Las Vegas shooting, Orlando nightclub shooting, or others? The truth is, if these measures were law in our country, none of these events would have been changed.

The problem is that the Democrats want to address the method for mass killings, but not the reasons for mass killings. Time and again they have avoided supporting mental health funding, they have avoided legislation, like the one mentioned above, that could have prevented the Colorado shooting based on reports of the shooter’s mental illness. But they are not interested in those things, they only want to eliminate the method.

You can eliminate all the firearms in the world, but killings will still happen. I shared a few days ago about how arson is just as deadly in the US as mass shooting events. Government legislation will never prevent tragedy from occurring. But government legislation can eliminate freedom.

This is exactly where the Democrats are taking this. They are not concerned about preventing mass shootings, or they would have been excited to support the Grassley-Cruz legislation. They would be looking for ways to identify these crimes before they happen. Instead, they want to punish all Americans by removing your ability to protect yourself and your family in the manner you wish.

Some are referring to Biden’s motives as a “gun grab” but we need to call this exactly what it is. It’s not a gun grab, it’s a freedom grab. It is an effort to eliminate your Second Amendment rights and the freedom to own firearms to protect you and your family from criminals and a tyrannical government.

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