Alternate headline: What the Hell Is Kansas Doing Electing a Democrat Governor?

“Kansas’ statewide mask mandate … came to an end Thursday, canceled by top Republican lawmakers under a new law that makes it more difficult for health officials to keep COVID-19 [Chinese coronavirus] precautions in place,” reports the Kansas City Star.

“A group of leading legislators, known as the Legislative Coordinating Council, voted 5-2 along party lines to overturn Democrat Gov. Laura Kelly’s mask mandate hours after she reissued it to fulfill the requirements of the new law.”


This needs to happen everywhere! Of the 50 states, only 18 do not have a stupid mask mandate, while 32 still do.

As someone who wears a mask, and would do so even without my state’s fascist mandate, I’m no Mask Nazi.

Wearing a mask is my choice, a choice I’ve made to protect my ailing wife whose health I will not take any chances with. I do not, however, believe it is legal or moral to force anyone to wear masks. What’s more, even though I practice social distancing, I oppose mandated social distancing. Even though I would never enter a crowded place, I oppose mandated capacity limits.

We all know the risks of the China Virus and we should all be allowed to take our own chances and make our own choices, especially when we’re talking about a virus with a survival rate of somewhere around 99.6 percent (per the CDC).

Riddle me this: If I am wearing a mask and social distancing, what do I have to fear from people who don’t? Nothing.

These lockdowns and mandates are outrageous and un-American. What’s more, these disgusting governors arbitrarily enacting these fascist mandates are violating the Constitution. Only legislatures have the authority to pass laws. Nevertheless, in way too many states, including Kansas (until just now), these cowardly legislatures are rolling over and allowing these fascist governors to usurp their authority.

Finally, as we’re seeing in states like Texas and Florida, all of these overbearing mandates and closures appear to have no effect on the spread of the virus. Florida has been wide open for about a year and when it comes to infection, hospitalizations, and death rates, it is doing better or no worse than states that are in lockdowns. And let’s not forget Florida is a massive tourist attraction with a larger than average  elderly population.

Texas ended its mandates last month and while lockdown states like New York and New Jersey have seen infection upticks, wide-open Texas is doing fine.

Regardless of infection and death rates, people should still be allowed to make their own choices. If they want to take the risk, they should be allowed to. If they don’t, they don’t.

Few people are more concerned about this virus than myself, and I find each and every one of these mandates obscene. How about I handle this virus they way I choose and you handle it the way you choose?

Isn’t that how things are supposed to work in America?

Good for Kansas, but when it takes this long for a state like Kansas to come to its senses, that worries me as much as the virus.

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